Is God calling you into ministry?

A lovely reader of this blog left a comment on one of my posts asking how to know if there is a call on your life. I had to pause a bit when I saw that question because it has come up quite frequently in the last few days. Yesterday while I was at work, I had a discussion with my colleague about why we don’t have many women who are pastors in our ministry. It is one of the first things I noticed about the church and I was curious. My colleague believes it may be because many women fail to recognise the call of God upon their lives so they don’t step up to that responsibility.

To an extent, I agree. I never thought I was called into ministry until recently. All I just wanted to do was serve God and serve in His house. However, the more I became exposed to wise men and women of God, the more I felt a yearning inside of me that there was something more. It started when I went to Ibadan to serve but I couldn’t articulate that yearning properly. Even when God spoke to me to start this blog as a tool of ministry I didn’t see it as anything big. I just thought, “Ok I’ll share my story and hopefully touch one or two lives causing them to give their lives to Christ.” However the moment I started working with my church in February, things began to change.

I cannot exactly point to one thing that caused the stirring in my spirit. Maybe it was the spiritual mentorship I was privileged to receive every Tuesday, maybe it was the fact that I had the opportunity to work closely with anointed men and women of God (although this won’t be the first time for me. Since I committed to serving God, I have worked closely with a lot of great men and women of God); I just know that the visions suddenly became clearer and more frequent. There was ‘something’ within me that just needed to come out and the more I prayed about it, the more God spoke to me about my call, through pictures and scriptures. I don’t have the full picture yet but I do know part of what my call involves.

So I’m thinking, are there steps to knowing if you have been called by God? It is my desire to see more women in ministry, especially if they have a call on their lives. What a tragedy it is to die not knowing that God had a greater purpose for your life. If you have been called by God, how did you know? Are there any scriptural references one can use to know whether they are called from God. I know from counselling I have received from pastors that prayer and intercession is necessary when you want to know your calling. Ministry is about service. There must be a desire to help others. You must also be a true worshipper. In the place of worship, God does reveal His will. For me, He has given me quite a number of songs which I am to share with the world. How exciting is that?

Let’s help others out there who are trying to figure out whether they are called or not. I can only speak based on my experience so far.


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