Who are you chasing…God or your church?

There are so many people who believe that I am either going to be a Pastor or a Pastor’s wife. They say it like it is the ultimate accomplishment of every Christian. There is nothing wrong with being a Pastor if that is the office God has called you to. My issue is with making it your ultimate goal when God has a different path in store for you.

The same applies to service in God’s house. Every child of God is called to serve in one capacity or the other. If you are born again and have a relationship with God and you are not using your gift to serve mankind then there is a problem. And I am not referring to serving in church. Many of us prioritise service in church as the be all and end all, forgetting that there is a bigger world outside the four walls of the church. When Jesus gave the Great Commission, He did not ask us to go into the church. He asked us to go to the nations which is the world. The reason why a lot of us are ineffective as Christians is because we have refused to go to the nations. The church has become our final destination instead of being a platform to be launched into the world.

Everything I am doing right now in service to God, I do out of a heart of love for Him. That is the basic foundation. But I also have a call upon my life which explains why everywhere I have been since I committed to serving God, I have had the grace to serve. The passion comes from within. It is not something that I can explain. It started out as a desire to just serve God and I have practically served in almost all the typical departments you will find in church. Whenever there has been a need in my church, I have always found a way to meet that need.

Soon enough, I became so consumed with service in the house of God that I neglected my personal relationship with Him. I took on too much at once and I was all over the place. When I was in law school, I would go to the church office after my lectures and work until the early hours of the morning managing church admin. I would sleep for a few hours and wake up by 6 to go for lectures again the next day. You can imagine that I never had the time to pray or even study my Bible. In church I could not concentrate on the Word because I was engrossed in activity. So I was serving but I was far from God….very far.

While it is good to serve God and desire to become a Pastor , it is more important to develop a relationship with Him. Your true calling is revealed when you take time out to seek God’s will for your life. This takes time and commitment. Prioritise relationship with God over activity in church. In fact, I believe that activity in church without real relationship with God is like being an empty barrel. An empty barrel makes a lot of noise even though it has no substance. I had my wake up call from this cycle of activity when someone said one day “This Doyin, you are always all over the place sha.” The person never meant it as an insult but as the person spoke I heard God say “You are everywhere but in my presence.” And it was so true. Up until a few months ago, my spiritual life was such a struggle. I didn’t have time for personal study of the word or worship. I was absent-minded most times during service. Every time I mounted the stage to minister, I always felt empty. Music ministers know that to minister a song in its true depth, the song has to first minister to you. This happened once in a while for me. I just used to cram my part and mount the stage, counting the minutes until the song was over.

I am sharing all this with you so that you can re-evaluate where you are in your walk with God. Frankly, these days I am getting tired of “church as usual”. The same old people with the same old routine. When are we going to reach out to the millions of souls that are perishing out there? Where are we going to stop thinking about our traditions and go out into the nations as God has called us to? When are we going to put all our ‘Christian-ese’ aside and just be people who portray Christ in our everyday life? Aren’t you tired of having no impact as child of God? Surely Jesus did not die just for us to gather every Sunday and Wednesday to cater for our needs alone.

God has an assignment for you and I. And we have to give account for that assignment when we meet Him face to face. Instead of desiring spiritual gifts for the purpose of showing off, why don’t you desire to use it to bless people? Desire to win souls…be passionate about it. I’ll admit, I used to be a very selfish Christian but God has shown me that my life is not about me. My call is for my generation. My story is for the lost souls of this world…to shine the light of Christ into their lives. I don’t desire to be a Pastor or a Pastor’s wife. I just want to be a woman who is on fire for God, winning souls and blessing lives. I don’t need that fancy ‘Woman of God’ title. All I want to be is a child of God who is going about her Father’s business. Simple.


5 Replies to “Who are you chasing…God or your church?”

  1. Adedoyin is at it again.Well spoken dear
    Very pointed and true.May God grant us grace to continually chase after Him and not for things just because we love Him

    1. Thank you!

      Hmm…that’s a good question. I don’t know the general signs for knowing if you have a call but for me, I began to see pictures of myself ministering to a large crowd for example and the more I prayed about it, God spoke to me clearly about what He has called me to do.

      So I will say God will speak to you. You will also have to spend time in prayer. Having mentors in the ministry is good too as they can help you identify the exact nature of your calling. Oh…and you will have a burden for other people either to see them saved or have their problems solved because this is part of what ministry is all about.

      Hope this helps. I’ll ask my Pastor for further insights regarding this question.

      1. Thanks for this. I don’t have clarification. I know I am set apart. That is being separate for God’s purpose. What that purpose is, I don’t know so I will just focus on soul winning.

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