#LoveWalk – What you give out always comes back to you

I’m so glad the weekend is here. I’m having a rather chilled Saturday. The last few weeks have been quite hectic for me and this week, I was on the verge of breaking down…mentally, physically and emotionally. Only me? But I thank God for strength. I am much better now.

The love walk has been going on and it has taken on new dimensions. I wasn’t able to do a review last week because I was out of town so here is my love walk review for the last two weeks. It’s been great. I have formed new relationships and I’ve had the privilege of knowing people on a deeper level just by reaching out to them. One thing I have noticed is that, when I pray now, I do more of interceding. As I open myself to people, they have opened up to me in return and I just feel this urge to do something to help. There are people I’ve been able to help while there are those who will have to wait on God to receive their help so I have joined them in prayer.

While I am happy that I’m living a less selfish Christian life, I am sad that I cannot do more for the people who have problems. I wish I had the answers to their problem. I wish I could give then the things that will make them smile. It’s really sad to see someone in pain and there is nothing you can do about it. I began to think about the numerous people out there who are going through great trials but have no one to share them with. How are they surviving? It’s even worse if they don’t know God. Who will they talk to? One thing that kept me going strong this week was God. Like David, I encouraged myself in the Lord. I felt a burden that I could not express in words but God understood exactly how I felt. Many times when I set out to pray, I would just start shedding tears because I didn’t know how to articulate my prayer but deep down I knew that God understood the deep sighs of my heart.

The love walk has made me more sensitive. It’s like the feeling of ice melting. Something is melting inside of me. I’m not saying that my heart is made of ice! But something is melting…whatever it is. I’m becoming a better person. I know it will take a while before I become a completely selfless person but I am getting there. I love the progress I’m making. Someone asked me a few days ago what will happen if I get hurt in the process of opening up to people. I thought about it and to be honest, it’s a risk I’m willing to take. There is no hurt that God cannot heal. I’d rather love and be hurt in the process than to live a life of no love at all. God expects us to live a life of love. That’s how He has created us. So I’ll say yes to loving people anytime any day.

How is your love walk going? Have you seen any changes in your life? A lady told me that she is more in touch with her feelings after she started taking conscious efforts to love herself. That’s the kind of thing that I like to hear. There is no way that you will set out to love people that your life will not be transformed. You can never remain the same again and that is the truth. Whatever you give out will always come back to you. Anyway, do share your experience so that others can be encouraged. I look forward to receiving your comments and emails!


4 Replies to “#LoveWalk – What you give out always comes back to you”

  1. Hmmm
    Those that can’t or won’t talk to you, you can introduce the to the Holy Ghost
    He’s done more than I expected time and again.
    God knows people better than you or I do and He can unlock them.
    I can do bone face for people but it doesn’t work with the Holy Ghost.

    I can be very selfish when it comes to God. I build walls very fast. I let them down from time to time when the Holy Spirit prompts me to reach out.

    So its kind of open heart, close it for now but I’m kinda willing to follow the Holy Ghost’s promptings to reach

    Lemme say, I’m a work in progress.

    1. That’s the important thing – The willingness to yield to the Holy Spirit’s prompting. Before you know it, it will become a part of you. May I suggest that you read ‘How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie’. The book has really blessed me.

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