Thursday Inspiration – Koma si (No one) by Tim Godfrey

I’ve had this song on repeat for some days now. I can’t stop listening to it. It reminds me of how much God has been gracious to me. I am undeserving of His love but He chooses to love me instead. I’m not going to write much. I’ll just let the song minister to you. I’ve included the lyrics so that you can follow the song. It’s such a powerful song and I pray it blesses you as much as it has blessed me.

Oh nobody nobody like you
No one compares to you
No one even comes close
I have searched through all the earth

VERSE 1: I have searched and searched through all the earth
Searched and searched all over again nobody
Nobody like you
Who made the sun the moon and the stars
Master of the universe
Nobody; komasi o
Who flung the sun into space
With spoken words made night and day
Nobody nobody but you
Who saved my life from sin and shame
Gave me a second chance
And changed my name….
Kosi o
Koseni to dabi re
None compares to you lord
Kosi o oooo….
Koseni to dabi re
In the heavens and the earth
Kosi o uh uh uh

VERSE 2: Our present help in time of trouble Picks us up when we stumble
Nobody but you….
Who is the lord of host, Strong in battle
At his feet, Demons tremble
Nobody, Komasi o oo oo
Who am I oh lord that you are mindful
Died for me,  Today am brand new
Nobody nobody
Nobody but you….
Who can love me like the way you do
So powerful
Faithful and true
Komasi o….

Yes yes
There’s no God like Jehovah
My healer and my provider
My deliverer you are jesus
No one like you
I’ve searched and searched and searched
I’ve searched the heavens and the earth
You are my father
My lover, My strength, My joy, My source, My everything
Yes you are
Koseni todabi re

You are the ever faithful God (from the ages)
You are the only living God
Yesterday today and forever more
Faithful lord you are
You are you are
You are you are you are
When I thought my life was over
Lord you came in and you took over
(Kosi o kosi o)
U delivered me from all my sins
You always help me
Oh you are mindful oh
Nobody nobody like you…
My God and my king
Akoda aye aseda orun
My saviour and my redeemer
Kosi o…


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