Sowing seeds of love

I’m back! My trip to Ibadan was amazing and the program I went for was beyond great. I learnt a lot about prophets and the prophetic ministry. I even received clearer direction from God regarding certain areas of my life. Every day of the program was truly worth it.

I hope to share some insights from the program in the coming weeks. Let’s ask time to be nice to me so that I can get a lot of writing done. I didn’t forget about the love walk while I was in Ibadan. In fact, it went into a new dimension for me. I moved to another level in my relationships with certain people and I experienced the joys of loving and accepting people unconditionally. I must confess, this love walk is beginning to change me. I’m loving this new side of me. I didn’t switch off once while I was away. In every conversation I had, I was present. I was actually interested in listening to what other people had to say and I listened until the end even in moments when I was really tired. That’s a great accomplishment for me.

I have come to realise that once you open your heart to people in love at some point, they will begin to open their hearts to you. It’s very difficult for people to let you into their lives. Who can blame them? People have had very bad experiences with others. Someone I got close to recently opened up about how she was badly shaken as a result of the way she was treated by people she considered to be family. She became withdrawn and stuck to herself. I could relate. Never judge anyone until you have an understanding of the things they have been through. You can never know how the shoe hurts until you put it on. And when you do put it on, learn to be there for that person and respect whatever boundaries they may have set.

Great relationships are not forced. They flow naturally and they are the by-product of a genuine heart. So if there is someone you want to get close to, show genuine love to them. Offer a listening ear. Sometimes, people just need someone to listen to them without judging them. It’s amazing how that has become a rare thing these days. We are quick to judge the next person like we are perfect ourselves. I would like to challenge you this week to step outside yourself and reach out to others. Meet a need that someone has. Take someone out for lunch during your break. Do something nice for your colleagues. Just sow seeds of love all around you.

When you sow seeds it is expected that at some point, you will reap a harvest. Sowing love seeds may not bring immediate harvest and you may not reap the exact thing that you sowed but trust me, you will get something out of it. Seeds of love are not expensive to sow and it is something you can do every day if you can stay committed to doing it. Don’t sow seeds of love for selfish reasons. Do it because you really care and you want to invest in people’s lives.

Put a smile on someone’s face today. Every one you will meet this week matters. It doesn’t matter who they are or what position they occupy, we are all valuable. Always have that at the back of your mind. Have a lovely week…filled with goodness, love and abundant blessings.


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