#LoveWalk: Still on the subject of loving yourself


Welcome to another week of walking in love. Isn’t this #LoveWalk worth it? Seriously, I haven’t felt this good in a while. I have been calling people regularly to check up on them although some people are quite cold on the other end of the line. I guess it is because they are not used to me calling that frequently. I have called some people at least three times in the last two week. Their reaction notwithstanding, I am happy that I am making the effort to build better relationships. It’s a good feeling really.

I’m still going to dwell on the subject of loving yourself because there is so much to talk about here. We have established the fact that someone who is broken cannot truly love others. You love others just the way you love yourself so love essentially starts from within. For some people, this whole idea of loving themselves is strange. “What’s there to love”, they may ask.

There is a lot to love. First of all, there is only one you walking on the surface of this planet. How cool is that? There may be many people that bear the name Adedoyin Jaiyesimi but in my books, there is only one Adedoyin Jaiyesimi. There is only one me. I am unique. I am a treasure. What’s there not to love? I want you to have this kind of mindset towards yourself. Please note that I am not asking you to be cocky or self-absorbed. That won’t get you far in this love walk. What I am suggesting is for you to appreciate yourself.

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and said to yourself, “Babe…you are beautiful” or “Guy…you are handsome.” I do it a lot, most especially on days when I don’t feel beautiful. You know there are just some days that you wake up and the clothes are not looking right on you or your makeup is just somehow and the your hair just refuses to respect itsef. It is on such days that I look myself in the mirror and prophesy beauty in my life. Let me tell you, if you wake up loving and appreciating yourself, the words of others will not get you down so easily. You will be confident in who you are and how you look.

So you love yourself by appreciating yourself. Appreciate God’s love over you. The fact is that no matter how you feel, God has been gracious to you. You just need to hear some other people’s stories and you will not waste time in giving thanks for your life. You are the child of the creator of heaven and earth and the whole world. Isn’t that something to be proud of? God created you out of love and into love. He placed upon you a special purpose that only you can accomplish. Doesn’t that make you excited?

Like I have said in previous posts, it all starts with you. It doesn’t matter what you believe right now. Keep confessing the right things. Keep affirming that you have a heart of love. Make conscious efforts to be loving and then love yourself. When you fall short for whatever reason. learn to forgive yourself. No one is perfect. See every failure as an opportunity to learn. So you’ll pick yourself up and forge ahead.

Most importantly, rest in God’s love. That’s enough reason to love yourself. God loves you so so much. I cannot find the words to explain how much He loves you. When He blesses you, it is out of love and when He corrects you, it is still out of love. Embrace yourself. Speak words of blessing into your life. Don’t talk down to yourself. What good will that do anyway? Celebrate being who you are in Christ. You have been wonderfully and fearfully made.


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