#LoveWalk – Here’s how the week went

Welcome to the month of May. I know…I’m a day late but better late than never right? I pray that this month will be filled with God’s blessings and goodness for you. You will soar and do great exploits!

This is my first love walk review and I’m happy that I made it through the week. Do you know that opportunities to show love become obvious when you consciously decide to be more loving? And love is shown not just through words; it is shown through actions and attitudes. Here are few things I did this week as I started my love walk.

Acts of service

I did a lot of this during the week. I went out of my way to be of help to people, even when they didn’t ask for the help. From washing plates for colleagues to sharing my food with others, I made sure I put a smile of someone’s face. On Thursday, being on a love walk helped me to avoid a conflict with my mum. I slept barely 2 hours from Wednesday to Thursday morning because I had to get some work done. My mum walks into my room at 6.30 (I slept at 4 to be woken by my alarm at 5!) and said she needed to use my laptop to do some work. I got up, did everything she wanted and I went back, hoping to catch ‘small’ sleep before getting ready to go to the office. But did she let me sleep in peace? No. She kept asking me to do one thing or the other. After the third call, I realised there was no point so I decided to take a bath.

Of course I spent a long time in bathroom because I kept dozing off. By the time I came out, I was already behind schedule and I hadn’t prayed yet. Just I was thinking of how I would pray quickly and sort other things out, my mum asked me to turn the plantain she was frying in the kitchen. Actually, I heard “Fry” so I repeated it just to be sure (It was more like you cannot possibly want me to cook anything at this time kind of repetition) but my mum just got irritated. “Why will I ask you to fry plantain?” Sensing that this conversation was just a step away from getting ugly, I replied, “I just want to make sure I heard you correctly.” I went into the kitchen, turned the plantain and waited for it to get done. Then I served it in a dish for her. When my mind wanted to reflect on the way my mum behaved, I chose to meditate on Scriptures instead. Although I was sleepy throughout the day, I had a very good day. Being conscious of walking in love helped me diffuse a potential conflict and it helped me focus on the right things.

Caring about others

I did a lot of this during the week. I called people to check up on them and I sent text messages too. Some people were shocked that I could actually pick up my phone to call while others truly appreciated the gesture. And it felt good, being able to lift someone’s spirit up. I intend to do more of this as this is one of my weakness.

No condemning, complaining or criticizing

Sadly, I didn’t do so well in this area. I tried really but there were times I gave in even when I had a check in my spirit. I just had to criticize certain people and I complained too. I didn’t feel good afterwards, since I’m aware that it’s not the right thing to do. The thing about this love walk is that some of the changes we want will not come immediately. We become more aware of what needs to be changed and when we fail, we can try again. I’ll work harder at this but I must add there were certain things I didn’t complain about. I didn’t complain to God about things I did not have in certain situations…trust me, I had more than enough opportunity to complain about them but I chose to praise instead.

So there you have it. If you are doing the #LoveWalk with me, how did you week go? You can leave a comment or send me an email if it is too personal to share here 🙂


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