Are you ending the month on a high note?

Wow…I can’t believe April is going to be over in just a few hours. I thank God for His mercies. April was my month of personal revival…spiritually and in every way possible. I know I’m being dramatic.hehe.

Seriously, I discovered God in new ways this month. I had conversations that stirred up my spirit and my call is getting clearer. In the last few days, I felt the power of God so strongly over me; from my personal time of devotion to worshiping Him in church. I’m really excited about what the future holds for me.

And I love where I am in my relationship with God. I’m learning to yield to His spirit more and more. At the beginning of the month, the words “Yielded vessel” kept coming to me. I even wrote a song about it (which I do need to finish by the way). God has great things in store for us but He just needs us to yield to Him and not the calendar plan we have made for ourselves. It took a while but I got there eventually.

One thing that really stirred me up this month was reading the book ‘God’s Generals’ by Robert Liardon. How can I describe this book! You cannot read it and remain the same. Reading about the exploits of great men and women of faith just kept stirring up something within me. I had a fresh hunger for more of God. And then yesterday when I was in church, I heard God say to me “I am at the door. Just open your heart, yield to me and see what I will do through you.” Just at that moment my Pastor asked us to picture what we wanted God to do for us and the picture came into my mind instantly. It’s something I have been running away from for a very long time but everything that has happened to me has made realise that it’s inevitable. That’s what the future holds for me. You’re wondering what ‘thing’ is right? I’m not telling 🙂

I’m actually sharing this to encourage someone who is finding it hard to yield to God’s will. It may not make sense but when you yield to Him, He will make everything beautiful. Stop running away from God and open your heart to Him. You may be one of those people who keep resisting God. Why should you? He loves you with an everlasting love and cares so much about you. Why don’t you just open your heart and let Him fill your life with His great love? Oh taste and see that the Lord is good and His mercies endures forever.

God is good. God is awesome. He wants to use you for something great; something that will cause you to be remembered for generations to come. He wants to use you for His glory. Why are you living a substandard life when you can live an extraordinary life in Christ? You’re simply short-changing yourself. Aren’t you curious to see what great things you can accomplish with God on your side? I’m curious.

Just say yes to Him. You’ve tarried enough. You’ve run around that same mountain on indecision long enough. Say yes and let God come into your life. That big miracle you are seeking for can be yours if only you’d let the Master Provider be your God. I could go on and on about why you need Jesus but know one thing; without Jesus you can achieve nothing of true worth and with Him you can achieve all things! Think about that….


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