Falling off a cliff…

A friend painted a very vivid picture in my mind yesterday that hasn’t yet left my mind. She was encouraging me to let go of all my fears and put them in God’s hands. I thought I had reached that point but I had to re-evaluate where I was with regards to that as she painted this picture in my mind. I want to paint the same picture in your mind and as you visualise it, I want you to ask yourself if you truly trust in God to that extent.

Imagine yourself walking towards a cliff. You take one step and then the next until you reach the edge of the cliff. As you reach the edge, you slowly change direction, your back now faces the edge of the cliff. Then you walk backwards. You can’t see how far it is before you fall but you keep walking. On what looks like your last step, you release yourself backwards into a free fall.

Can you picture that fall in your mind? Can you picture yourself falling into God’s hands in that way? Can you imagine floating in His love like that; falling deep into it without any doubt or care. It’s an intense metaphor but that is how God expects us to walk with Him. The feeling I got as I saw that picture in my mind was one of reckless abandon. Have you truly given your all to God? I realise I haven’t. I still worry about certain things when I should just put them in God’s hands and watch Him do His thing.

As she concluded her talk with me, my friend looked me straight in the eyes and said “God has you covered. He’s got you. You are in the palm of His hands so release everything to Him. Don’t be afraid. God loves you so much more than you could ever love Him.” As she said those words, I felt a burden lift. Those were the words I needed to hear. Not “It is well”, “Be strong” or “Keep praying”. What I needed was to hear that God has got me. He’s got me. He’s got you. You don’t need to worry. You don’t need to be afraid of what tomorrow may bring. God has you covered.

I want you to go into this week with those words in your heart. No matter what you face this week, tell yourself that God is in control. Don’t let the issues of life overwhelm you. Rest in God’s loving arms instead. Let Him fight all your battles for you. Cast your cares upon Him and enjoy His peace. I pray for peace for you this week, even in the face of raging storms. You will not drown. God will not let you. Just leave everything to Him. He’s got you.


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