God is still God and He is still good

It’s taken me a while to decide what to call this post. In fact, I didn’t even think I was going to write a post today because my mind is all over the place; too many things running through my mind. It’s quite difficult to articulate right now but one thing I know is that my current state of mind is ‘Thankful’.

Do you know that what ever happens to you in this life, God is still God and He is still good? On Tuesday during our early morning prayers in the office, one of my colleagues told us a story as she raised a prayer point. She told us of a childhood friend who went mad. He has been mad for some time but she just discovered. And then my colleague said despite what that guy is facing God is still God and He is still good. She posed it as a question. To paraphrase it she said “Do you know that even when things are bad, God is still God and He is still good.” I nodded eagerly. I mean life has taught me through the challenges that I faced, that God still remains God. He never changes. Little did I know something would happen that evening to test if I really did believe that statement.

Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the possibility of the death of a relative stared hard at me. In fact, the story will be different right now if God did not remain who He is. The last few days have been hazy but honestly it is God that has kept me. As  I stared at the unconscious body of this relative, I did what I knew how to do – pray then praise. That was my pathway to victory. I did not ask God why. I did not become hysterical. There was no point for that. I just began to declare that the person would not die. I believed God for who He is. The unconscious body in my face did not suddenly make God a bad God. In fact, it made Him a great God in my sight. I chose to focus on God’s greatness rather than the seemingly hopeless situation that lay before me.

When you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, can you boldly declare that God is good? When things are not working as you planned, can you say without an iota of doubt that “I know my Redeemer lives?” Faith involves trusting God even when you don’t see the way out and this trust comes as you choose to walk with God daily. This episode has further strengthened my faith in God. It has brought me closer to God. Every situation you face can either make you bitter or better. It is up to you to choose the path you want to take but I will advice you to choose the path that makes you better. When things are not going as planned, lift up your hands and bless that name of the Lord. Begin to count your blessing. Even in the midst of that problem, you will find blessings. God never stops blessing us because He is a good God. When you praise, you provoke God to send down more of His blessings.

He will make a way of escape for you. That problem will not overcome you; you will overcome it instead. Just focus on the greatness of God. He is the God that changes situations but He never changes. His words are perfect. They are eternal so you can count on them. Every day I learn how to trust God more and more. You should do the same because He still God and He is still good.


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