Thursday Inspiration – Casting Crowns

The last 36 hours have been one of the longest in my life. I was confronted with the possibility of death (not me) but I thank God that He took control of the situation. Someone close to me almost lost their life and as I stood by the person as they regained consciousness, I couldn’t help but give God all the glory. It could have been worse.

Part of my ‘therapy’ for the person’s recuperation was to play Gospel music for the person. I played a medley of some of my favourite Gospel songs but when the person could speak, I asked what song they would prefer to listen to. The person said, “There’s this song, casting crowns, bowing heart, lifting hands…do you know it?” I had to smile. Anyone who is following me on social media will know how much I love that song and it was the right song for the moment. What amazed me more is that the person isn’t born again; the person was somehow introduced to the song by a neighbour who always played it every morning.

I thank God because this person did not die. I thank God because I am not mourning right now. Instead, I am bowing my heart and lifting my hands in acknowledgement of God’s faithfulness. It could only have been Him. I pray this will be an encouragement to someone who is in situation that looks hopeless. As long as God reigns, He will make everything work out for your good. If He did it for me, He can surely, and He definitely will, do it for you. Nothing is impossible for Him. Just believe and praise Him in advance!

Enjoy Casting Crowns by Nathaniel Bassey



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