Wanting what you cannot have…

I am a keen observer of life. In fact, I think I get too engrossed in observing life that I actually forget to live it. Anyway, that’s a matter for another day. One of the things I have observed about life is that a lot of times, you don’t actually get what you want or should I say that we have a tendency to want what we cannot have.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing to want what you cannot have. The problem comes when you lust after that thing or you try to do everything in your power to get it. I’ve seen tons of people scheme their way into getting things they could ordinary have. What are these things you may be wondering. They could be anything; a friend’s life, an unrealistic dream or even love. A yes love. It is in this area that this wanting what you cannot have phenomenon has been dominant the most.

Why do people like or should I say fall in love with people they cannot have? I’ve always pondered on this question and I really haven’t found the answer to it. In my short time in life, I have seen complex love triangles develop; one that ends up causing the people in it so much pain. Person A likes Person B but Person B likes Person C and then Person C likes Person D. I saw this happen live. It was a funny scenario actually. Person B was someone that was close to me. I used to ask her why she couldn’t just go for person A since he loved her so much but she just didn’t love him. She loved Person C who had no feeling whatsoever towards her but loved Person D instead. I went through many tearful nights with Person B as she tried to understand why Person C just couldn’t like her. I, on the other hand, was wondering why she just couldn’t like Person A. I mean it made sense right?

Unfortunately, life is not as straight forward as we want it to be. The scenario above happened while I was still an unbeliever but as a child of God, I have found myself in situations where I just didn’t get what I wanted. I would cry out to God for a particular thing and He would give me something else instead. A part of me would still long for that thing that I wanted. I never really embraced what gave me until I realised that if God truly has good thoughts towards me then what He has given me must be the best for me. The thing is, God does not always give us what we want. He gives us what we need. That six-foot knight in shining armour may not be what you need. The rotund man with bad breath may be the right man for you. Ok I’m joking! But my point really is that the thing or person, depending on the scenario, that you think is the best for you may turn out to be the worst thing that ever happened to you.

Can you do one thing for me? Turn over all your desires to God. His choice may not make sense but be rest assured that it is the best for you at that particular season of your life. At a time when I wanted to have my own apartment. God allowed me to be a squatter. It did not make sense. That was definitely not what I prayed for but I can tell you right now that those years I spent squatting were good for me. So please don’t despair. God has you covered. He sees the future remember? Just let Him have His way and you will smile at the end. I promise 🙂


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