#CrossNotEggs: What Easter is all about

Thank you Jesus for shedding You blood

Easter is such a sacred season.

A season based on the ultimate price of one Man

A Man who so loved the world

That He chose to bear all our sins

So that we might be redeemed and set free

From the clutches of death and darkness

A price impossible to quantify.

Easter is the season of remembrance

A reminder that this life that I live has been paid for

Paid for by the blood of The One

He bore my iniquities

Took away my shame

He chose to cover me with His love instead

His blood is a constant reminder

Of this sacrifice that is too deep to quantify

Can you imagine The One on the cross?


A crown of thorns on His head

Beaten. Disgraced. Betrayed.

Just for you. Just for me.

With every lash that His blood filled back received

He thought only of one thing;

The redemption of humanity

Indeed, I have no words to quantify this love.

How many people love you this way?

Your mother? Your father?

Perhaps your spouse?

Not one I tell you.

Not one can love you the way Christ does

And what does He ask in return?

That you simply love Him

That you dedicate all of your days to Him

Living for Him and through Him

What a simple price to pay for a love so great

Oh, for a love that cannot be quantified.

Easter is not about eggs

Eggs and the cross?

In two different worlds they belong.

Easter is about the cross.

Easter is about the blood

Easter is about Christ.

It is about His love for humanity

His love for you and me

love that can never ever be quantified

Not now; not ever.

***Happy Easter to all my wonderful readers. As you enjoy Easter, do reflect on the price that Jesus paid on the cross. Are you living a life worthy of that price? Think of all the pain Jesus must have gone through. He surely didn’t go through all that so that you will live a selfish life, acquiring al the wealth the world has to offer. He did it so that you will be able to fulfil a greater calling. Surrender your life, goals and dreams to God. Consecrate yourself afresh. Allow God to use you for HIS glory. If you don’t’ know Jesus yet, I want to invite you to take part in this wonderful life of salvation. Accept Jesus as your Lord today. He has paid the price for you, even though you were neck-deep in sin. All He simply wants is for you to say yes to Him. Say yes today; it will be the best decision you will ever make in your life.***


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