#FreestyleWriting – The chocolate cake dilemma

You won’t believe I’ve had a hard time deciding what title to give today’s post. I’ve decided to do my usual freestyle writing format. It’s been a while I’ve done that and there are some things I just need to get off my chest. If you are new to the blog, the #FreestyleWriting column is where I write straight from my heart…no filter but you have to read between the lines to get the message 🙂

Ok. Here it goes. I’m scared. I don’t know if scared is the word to be use but this situation makes me quite anxious. I will prefer to avoid it all together. There was a time I really hated anything that had to do with cooking. Do you know cooking can be such a hazard? If you are not careful you can get burnt; hot oil spilling everywhere when deep frying, touching hot pots, being scalded by hot water. I could go on and on. To stay safe, I just decided never to enter the kitchen. A girl has got a long  life to live.

Things changed one day. I decided to enter the kitchen. I met a really good chef and the aroma of the food he was cooking was just too enticing. I couldn’t resist. I entered the kitchen finally and I saw that it wasn’t such a bad place after all. I tasted the chef’s food and boy was it delicious! I wanted more. I began to ask the chef how he was able to survive all the cooking hazards. I don’t think I could ever cook for a living. He told me he doesn’t pay attention to the hazard. Instead, he pays attention to the masterpiece that will be created at the end of the process. For him. the end result made the journey worthwhile.

I wasn’t fully convinced but I decided to give cooking a try. I did my first experiment. It was a terrible. I got burnt in the wrong places. The product didn’t even help matters; it tasted bad. I rushed for my room and I shed all the tears in the world. “I’m never going back into the kitchen”, I yelled. Then I remembered the chef’s words; “There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to cooking. You have to find what works for you.” I decided to give cooking another try. I went back to the kitchen. This time was worse than the first. It was beyond terrible. It was a disaster! The kind that makes fried rice turn out to be ‘pepper-soup rice’.

“That’s it. I’ve had enough”, I told myself. For a long time, I didn’t go back to the kitchen. Then I met a master chef. He made me understand the importance of taking baby steps. Instead of being caught up in the final product, I decided to enjoy the process. I had a better experience the third time around. The master chef gave me a recipe book. I decided to replicate the recipes in the book. There was one particular recipe that I really wanted to try out. I had all the ingredients and I followed all the steps but it didn’t come out right. I was a bit sad. Since the master chef gave me the recipe book, I have not been successful in replicating any of the recipes. Trust me, I’ve tried. It just never comes out like I see it in the book. Sometimes, it just tastes bad.

Just when I was about to give up, I turned the page and this chocolate cake recipe caught my attention. I’ve been seeing this recipe but I ignored it because I have no interest in baking. But every time I close my eyes, I see this chocolate cake. I’m not even a fan of chocolate cakes!  I went to visit a friend a few months ago and she kept going on and on about this chocolate cake recipe. She was sure that I will end up baking it exactly as it is in the book. I couldn’t understand why she was so confident. I’ve tried everything I can to avoid this chocolate cake but it seems to be stalking me. It’s in my face; everywhere I go. You see why I said I’m scared?

Who would have thought that an ordinary chocolate cake would cause so much drama? My head it telling me to bake it but my heart is telling me the time is not right. Where is the master chef when you need him? I’m sure he will know exactly what I should do. I’ve made a decision though; until I can seek the counsel of the master chef, I am going to avoid this chocolate cake like a plague. Who am I kidding though; that is easier said than done. I really shouldn’t have collected this recipe book.


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