It’s March already?

Here we are, in the third month of 2015. Sometimes I like the way time flies. It is reminding us subtly that it is waiting for no one. By the end of March, the first quarter of the dear will be over. I think this is a good time to take stock of how you’re doing with the goals you set at the beginning of the year.

What are the things you said you will do? Are you on course? Or have some goals been derailed? Did you lose steam along the way? Reflecting on these questions will allow you to know the areas where you need to sit tight. For me it is my spiritual and should I say my relationship life. I’ll explain what I mean. This year I set a goal to socialise more; go out, meet new people and all. Less of ‘lock yourself in the room Doyin’ and more of ‘go out there and explore the world Doyin’. Sadly that hasn’t happened much. I think I’m even more ‘lock yourself in the room Doyin’ than ever before.

It’s not like I haven’t made new friends. I have gone out of my way to actually get to know people. I have forced myself to check up people; call them and find out how they are doing (I can see some mouths The thing is a large majority of these people are in my church. Since I also work for my church part time, I am surrounded by church folks 80% of the time. The remaining 20% I am surrounded by family; well just my mum to be honest. So you see the problem; I need to expand my circle. All my life it has always been home, school/ work and church. If you have any suggestions on how I can actually achieve this goal, I am all ears. I need to stop being boring.hehe.

My second goal which relates to my spiritual life has been moving forward; slowly but steady. My prayer life has improved. It just needs to be more consistent. Also God has started giving me songs. I remember when the first one came, I was so excited. Watch out. Maybe I will release an album soon (I joke). Back to my goal evaluation, I am still having issues with picking a particular time for my quiet time. I didn’t study my Bible much in February and I am not happy about that at all. That’s one thing I need to fix this month. My participation in church has been good. I started attending mid-week services. Praise God! I just need to add night vigil to that. Oh and house fellowship too.

Overall, I am on course with the goals I set for the year. The other goals are too personal for me to evaluate here but they have not been abandoned. I really do thank God for how February went. So many new things happened; supernatural promotion and elevation is what I like to call it. I’m expecting more of that this month. It’s going to mean more work for me but I am up to the task.

If you are not on course with any of your goals for the year, ask God to re-direct you. Find out why you haven’t made much progress with that goal and deal with it now. Don’t wait until the last quarter of the year. It might be too little too late. Remember nothing is impossible for you to achieve as long as you have God by your side. Let that remain with you as you go through the month of March. You are coming out victorious. Amen.


3 Replies to “It’s March already?”

  1. I am evaluating my first three months already. I am looking for the momentum though.

    Go out with friends one Saturday of a month. I will be doing so this weekend.

    1. Hmm…I’m usually tied up doing ministry work on weekends so I’m not sure if that will work for me. Then again, I think I can force myself to set aside one Saturday maybe every quarter. Once a month may not be feasible for me.

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