The love that never was (Second Part)


I posted the first part of this story last week and some people have been quite eager to read the second part. So here it is. Hope you enjoy it. If you haven’t read the first part, read it here. Also please feel free to send your work to me if you want me to feature it on the blog. Click here for more details on how to do this.

Enjoy part two of the love that never was.


“Thank God you’re awake. How do you feel?”

Lola blinked hard and quickly too as she tried to figure out where she was. “How did I get on this bed? Where is this place? Who is this?” The questions in her mind were unending.

“Hi. Are you feeling better? My name is Demola. You fainted on the parade…” the strange voice continued.

“I did what?” Lola didn’t let gentleman finish his sentence. Her vision became clearer. She saw several people lying down on beds beside her. The problem of the girl lying to her right had to be really serious because she didn’t stop rolling on her bed as she held her stomach. The smell of drugs filtered into Lola’s nose. She was obviously not pleased.

“Urgh…the clinic? Please I’m feeling better. Can I go now” she looked at Demola with pleading eyes.

“Not yet. I have to certify that you are fine first. Let me take your temperature and do a quick test on you ok?

“Whatever. Just do what you need to do on time. This smell is nauseating me” Lola replied.

“Let me guess you’re one of those fascinating people who hate hospitals?”

Lola didn’t reply. All she could think of was how a few hours ago she was preparing to go for the early morning drills. She had woken up at 3am to take her bath and get ready. By the time the beagle went off, she zoomed off to find Joke and they both walked to the parade ground. They had been practicing for the official induction of the corps members which was to take place the next day. Underneath the scorching sun, they marched like their life depended on it. Maybe it was the sun or the fact that she hadn’t eaten all morning but Lola started to feel weak. All she could remember before finding herself before this obnoxious corper doctor was trying to grab the attention of one of the soldiers.

“Ok. You’re good to go. Your temperature is fine and you’re not showing any other symptoms” Demola brought Lola back to reality with news that caused her to be enthused.

“Thank you, thank you” she rushed out like someone who had just been let out of a prison.

“Hmm where is Joke? Oh my God where is my phone and my cap?” Lola patted over her body frantically just to be sure the phone was really not there. Joke tip-toed towards her as she continued searching for her phone.

“Hey you. I’m just coming from the clinic. You are the new camp gist. The otondo who fainted on parade ground” Joke said, bursting into laughter.

“Please I don’t have time to joke around. Have you seen my phone? It’s not in my pouch. And I can’t find my cap. Oh God! They’ve stolen it oh. You know I was warned that people steal a lot on camp. What is all this now? Aaargh!”

“Can you calm down please”, Joke tried to pacify her. “Let’s go and eat then we can figure out what next to do.”

“That’s all you know…food!” Lola hissed as she stormed away.

Joke didn’t chase after her. Lola was different from other girls she had ever met. Her ways were not normal. Joke looked back at her hysterical friend and turned in the opposite direction to the mammy market to get some food.

“That Joke eats too much. I’m talking about my phone being stolen and all she can tell me is that we should go and eat. How am I supposed to stay in touch with my parents? They’ll start to panic. What about Akin? Poor guy. We haven’t had a decent conversation since I got to camp. I sent him a text this morning and he called me while I was on the parade ground. I had to tell him to call me back stylishly. I didn’t want the soldiers to seize my phone. Now the phone is miss…”

“Ouch” Lola screamed as she suddenly finds herself motioning towards the hard floor.

“Are you ok? Why weren’t you looking where you were…oh it’s you! The girl who fainted”

“My name is Lola, not the girl who fainted please”, she looked up at the figure that made the offending statement and inflicted such pain on her. She recognised the offender immediately. “Mr Doctor Demola? So your plan is for me to take a second trip to the clinic right?”

Demola chuckled as he reached out his hand to pull Lola up. Lola gave him a dirty look and took his hand reluctantly. She had a good glimpse of Demola as he slowly drew her back to her feet. He was a well chiselled man. Ebony complexion, athletic build and dimples as an extra topping…the kind of man you would find on the pages of GQ. “Maybe camp wasn’t going to turn out badly after all” Lola said to herself as she stylishly checked Demola out.

“You have to come with me to the clinic. I have to make sure your fine” Demola said.

“What’s that? Do I look like a child? That small fall and I should now be running to the clinic. It’s not that serious abeg. I’m fine ehn”

“Why are you always so defensive? I’m just looking out for you that’s all”, Demola replied.

“I’m sorry”, Lola answered back without realising she had let a smile spread across her face.

“You have a beautiful smile. Glad to see another side of you”

Lola stared at him, trying hard not to blush and thinking about the perfect comeback that will mask the fuzzy feeling that suddenly swept over her body. Nothing came.

“So where were you heading to in such a hurry?” Demola’s alluring masculine voice broke the awkward silence.

“I don’t know actually. No don’t give that look”. Demola had suddenly raised his eyebrows like she was just wandering aimlessly. “I was going in search of my phone and cap but I didn’t actually know where to start.”

“Oh yes. It’s in the clinic. I was actually going to make an announcement for you to come and pick it up. It’s still in the clinic. Let me get it for you.”

“No don’t worry. I’ve held you up too long. I’m sure you have other things to do. Just tell me who to go and meet. I’ll pick it up myself.”

“Let’s go together, I don’t mind” Demola insisted.

Lola felt confused and uncomfortable at the same time. She didn’t know what to do. There was something about Demola that she found endearing. She knew it would be dangerous for her to be around him. She looked at him and he was pulling an irresistibly cute baby face. She felt like blushing again. Against the inner voice nudging her to say no, Lola agreed to go to the clinic with Demola.

“Ok. Shall we?”


“Hi Joke. How are you?”

Demola stretched out his hand to hug Joke as he moved closer to her.

“I’m exhausted. That jogging nearly killed me” Joke replied.

“I can see that. And you need this amount of food to resuscitate you abi?” Demola gave Joke a look of disbelief while pointing at the heap of rice and stew in front of Joke. “Are you sure you can finish all that food?”

“Me. I can’t dull abeg. This is food we are talking about here.”

Demola couldn’t hold the laughter that had been swelling on his inside for some minutes. “I hear you. Where is Lola?”

“Ehen, I knew there was a reason you came here. You finally got to it.”

“What’s that supposed to mean. I came to say hi to you.”

“If I hear! You came to look for Lola. It’s ok. I don’t feel offended”, Joke replied and she loaded a full spoon of rice into her mouth. “Talk of the devil.”

Lola walked into the mammy market feeling a bit tired and hungry. She had just finished having the longest conversation of her life. Akin. “What’s his problem anyway?” Lola wondered. She just couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t let her be. Was she being unfair with the way she was treating him? She merely needed space…space to think and he was choking her. She spotted Joke and she felt slightly relieved. She could pour out her frustrations on her friend. Suddenly, she stopped walking towards Joke. “Who is Joke talking to?” She began to take curious steps towards the table where Joke sat with the unknown figure across from her. Suddenly the stranger turned and everything stood still.

“Oh my God. It’s Demola. I need to run. I didn’t put on makeup today. What am I even saying? What is wrong with me?”

Demola smiled as he saw Lola heading towards his direction. Lola on the other hand was finding it hard to keep her heart beat steady. It beat faster with every step she took towards Demola. She noticed no one else but him.

“Hiii” she blurted out, trying with all her might not to sound frenzied.

“Babe! How are you dear?” Demola reached out to hug Lola.

“Babe? Me? What’s this guy’s plan?” Lola’s mind began to travel fast as melted in Demola’s arms

“Hian…please who is babe” she managed to come up with the perfect comeback. Demola simply looked deep into her eyes. Lola felt exposed. She avoided his gaze, opting to play with strands of her hair instead.

“Umm…you guys, you do realise you are causing a scene right”, Joke cut short their little special moment. Lola noticed a few eyes staring at Demola and her. She reached for one of the chairs beside Demola but he stopped her.

“No. Let’s go somewhere”, he whispered softly into her ears.

“Ok. Joke I’ll see you later.”

“Hmm…Lola, Lola…enjoy yourself jare.”

Lola smiled uncomfortably as Demola led her out of the canteen.


“Where exactly are we going Demola”, Lola asked suspiciously minutes after they had left the canteen.

“You ask too many questions. Just relax. I’m looking for a quiet spot where we can sit and talk but first, let’s buy suya or something. I’m sure you came to the mammy market to eat.”

Lola’s stomach churned right on cue. Demola laughed. He spotted a suya stand and bought four packs of spicy suya and bread. They headed towards a tree close to the parade ground when they were done. Demola found a bench nearby which he carried to a nice spot under the shade, away from the other corpers who were hanging around the parade ground.

“Let’s eat”, Demola declared enthusiastically.

“You’re quite dramatic you know? We didn’t have to leave the mammy market. We could have stayed with Joke.”

“Ah…it’s too noisy there. Besides I want to spend time with you. You know I hardly get time off from the clinic.”

“Please spare me!” Lola rolled her eyes trying hard not to blush. “Don’t come here and use lyrics for me oh.”

“Who is using lyrics for you? I’m just being honest. I enjoy talking to you. You’re real…weird but real. It’s refreshing.”

“I don’t know whether to take that as a compliment. Is that even a compliment?”

Demola shrugged. “Anyway how was your day?”

“Hmmm” Lola sighed.

“Is something on your mind? Want to share?”

“I don’t know.”

“You seem to like saying that a lot…’I don’t know’. What’s there not to know?”

“I don’t know if you’re the right person to tell.”

“Well I don’t think there can be any harm in telling me. It’s definitely bothering you. You’ve been uptight since you came over to the canteen. And your face is not radiant as usual.”

“This guy will not kill me with lyrics” Lola said to herself. “Ok if you must know. It’s my boyfriend.”

“Ok. What about him?”

Lola heaved, unsure of where to begin. “I don’t…kn..sorry. I’m not sure where to start? Are you sure you want to listen to me talk about my boyfriend?”

“I asked didn’t I? So start talking.”

“Ok. I’m a little bit confused.”

“About what?”

“About the whole relationship. We are so different and we’ve been drifting apart lately. I feel bad but the truth is I don’t love him.”

“So why are you with him then?”

“I don’t know”. They both laughed knowingly at her answer.

“So why is it bothering you? You don’t want to break his heart?” Demola asked, bringing the conversation back on track.


“I think you already know what to do. From my experience with love, it’s better to be upfront with him than to lead him on. That will hurt more.”

Lola looked into Demola’s eyes and smiled. He was right. She felt her heart beat even faster as he held her hand and squeezed it as if to say, “I’m here for you.”

“It’s getting dark. Let’s go.” Lola abruptly pulled her hand away from Demola’s grip.

* Watch out for the Third Part next week. I promise, this won’t turn out to be one of those epic Nigerian movies with five parts.hehe*


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  1. lol….nice nice, had me recalling my service year experience, amazing what could go down in just 3 weeks of restriction in a place…mammy market experience, the parades, the guys wahala, the beagle man, who will even have time for make-up, and that NYSC camp you dare not misplace….love the story line jare! kudos!

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