What’s the benefit of calling yourself a Christian?

I really apologise for not putting up any post for like three days. You know the excuse – work. I’m getting to that point where I’ll need an intern very soon. The business is expanding…I’m grateful to God. I promise to make sure I don’t neglect this blog. I never realise how many people anticipate my posts until the day I don’t put up one. I’m humbled…your support is simply amazing

Back to the subject of today’s post. I recently started working with my church (Global Harvest Church Lagos) as the Brand Communications Manager (more about this later) and I had a really sobering discussion with one of my colleagues yesterday. We were talking about how true Christianity has been watered down over the years. The gospel of Christ is a gospel of power but these days, we don’t see that power anymore. Maybe just a few demonstrations of it here and there but nothing like it is actually meant to be.

How did we get here? Why are Christians so lethargic when it comes to the things of God?

A lot of us are now too selfish to see that there is a greater purpose for us here on earth. Do you know what it means to be the light of the world? How many Christians can truly say that they are living like Christ did? Can you say it boldly; that you are walking in the way of your Heavenly Father?

It’s sad really and we must do something about it. Christians all over the world need to wake up. There is so much chaos in the world right now and if we can just be awake to our responsibilities, I know the world will be a much better place. Stop living for yourself only; the world needs you.

You’ve been asking God to bless you with a ridiculous amount of money but what will you do with that money when He eventually gives it to you? Will you spend it all on yourself and your family or will you sow into the work of the Kingdom? We complain that the world is becoming more perverse but what are we doing to make sure Jesus is brought to the forefront all over the world. I told my colleague that I wish a group of Christians will actually come together to start a media company or TV station and use it to spread godly content. I look forward to the day when I will have access to good, top-quality godly content on TV and on the internet. I look forward to the day that I will see positive Christian mentors rising up to mould children and young adults. There are people who are currently doing this but let’s face the facts – they are not enough.

Remember when Jesus said the harvest is plenty but the labourers are few? It is because Christians are not playing their part; choosing to remain passive instead. Let’s do more for God. Let’s take God’s business as our business. He is in the business of transforming lives. He is in the business of meeting needs. He is also in the business of leading people through the path of light.

Are you doing any of these things? If no, what then is the benefit of calling yourself a Christian? Think about it.


2 Replies to “What’s the benefit of calling yourself a Christian?”

  1. I struggle every day to be more committed. I struggle to control the degree to which I am committed, then I just throw my hands up and let go and let God. I can’t control all things.

    My dear, you might be the one you are looking for. For long term dreams or long term goals, my cousin Chocho Pamela Agboga is interested in changing culture through TV. She’s a lawyer and a mom, you guys could put your head together and see what you come up with.

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