Stay in your own lane (even when it appears dull)

Something insightful happened yesterday. A friend of mine called to tell me about a mutual friend who had big news to celebrate. I usually carry last when it comes to things happening to my friends so I called her as soon as I could to say my own “Congratulations”. She appreciated the call and the conversation started to digress a bit as she attempted to fill me in on all the things that had happened in her life since the last time we saw each other years ago.

As she talked on the other end of the line, I couldn’t help but ask myself, “How come some people have it so good in life?” My friend has never had any major disappointments. Life has been a smooth sail for her; from one fantasy to the next. No issues, no problems…nothing. I’m not wishing her evil but I just wonder sometimes, “Why can’t my life be like that? Why can’t I be amongst the group of people who have no issues whatsoever?” I’m sure you know one or two people like that. It is difficult to be around such people and not wish you had their kind of life.

Just as those questions popped into my head, I heard the still small voice on my inside say, “It is because I have carved out a different path for you.” Then a picture of David came into my mind. David had to live in obscurity for many years before he finally became the king of Israel. In fact, when he was to be anointed, his father did not recognise his existence. He brought out his other sons and excluded David. David was relegated to the background. Yet, he was one of the greatest kings Israel ever had. Contrast this with king Saul who seemed to have it all; he was what the people considered to be ‘king material’ and the kingship was more or less given to him on a platter of gold. Despite this, he ended up as a failure, causing more harm than good.

More pictures of people in the Bible flooded my mind and the voice said again, “It is not about how smooth or shiny your path is. It is about the expected end that I have in store for you.” I smiled, remembering that every bump I have faced in my journey in life so far has been for my good. They have made me the woman of God that I am today. I’m not sure if my faith in God will be this strong if everything had gone smoothly for me right from my childhood. But I’m definitely sure of the fact that I wouldn’t be able to relate with the people God sent me to minister to.

Don’t feel like God has forsaken you when other people seem to have it good and you have just been struggling all this while. Don’t jump out of your lane to another person’s lane because theirs looks smoother and glossier. You can abort destiny with such a bad decision. Remain in your lane. Learn all the lessons God wants you to learn. Praise Him even in the bad times and let the confession from your mouth remain positive.

Resist the  temptation to long for someone else’s life. Can I tell you something; the more you long for someone else’s life, the more dissatisfied you will be with your life and the more impatient you will become. Impatient people do the most dangerous things to get what they want. There is nothing wrong with looking up to people and desiring to achieve what they have achieved so long as you know that you will get there in your own time and at your own pace. Don’t let your desire for a better life turn into covetousness.


The race is not to the swift,
Nor the battle to the strong,
Nor bread to the wise,
Nor riches to men of understanding,
Nor favor to men of skill;
But time and chance happen to them all.”

Wait for your set time as appointed by God. Remain in your lane.


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