#ThrowbackThursday: Life as a content writer and manager


I was updating my portfolio of work yesterday and it’s really amazing to see how much I have been able to accomplish since I set out to pursue my passion for developing content. Like I have shared with you before, the road has not been smooth all the way but it has been really rewarding. The picture above is a real throwback for me. That is first magazine I ever handled by myself in my previous role as an Assistant Editor. I can still remember how frustrated I was creating this magazine because we changed the cover person more than three times. I will never forget my endless search for a vintage car all over Lagos. There was also the failed photoshoot. Imagine going for a dress fitting, locking down a location through negotiation only for the celebrity to cancel on you for flimsy reasons. That was the story of my life back then; celeb drama, photo shoot woes, distribution headache and so on. But will you believe that I loved it all? It was really challenging but my passion kept me going.

Doing this particular issue however made me realise that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life dealing with Nigerian celebrities and their drama. I’d rather be shielded from all that. The stress before I got the cover interview done was unimaginable. I had to go to Lekki Phase 1 three times in one afternoon with Lagos traffic and all! All that nonetheless, I can’t explain my joy when I saw the finished product. It made all the stress worth it. That’s the thing with being in this creative industry. You have to work. There’s a lot that you have to put up with. Some undervalue your work, others take you for granted or refuse to pay your balance after you deliver but do you know what makes it worthwhile? Knowing that you have created something that will outlive you.

Today we read books and watch movies written and produced by people who are no longer alive and generations after us will still read those books and watch those movies. You are leaving a legacy with the words you write. Your reward goes beyond the money you get after delivering on each brief although that is important too. Your reward comes from the fact that you are able to make impact far beyond your physical reach. That for me is priceless and it’s the reason why, come rain, come shine, I will always derive joy from creating content. It is what God has given me the grace to do and I will put my very best into it.

Don’t take your talent for granted. Keep building yourself up and pushing yourself. And don’t despise the days of little beginnings. Treasure every work that you do; the ones that you were paid N5,000 and the ones you received N500,000 for. Treasure the free ones too because I can tell you this for a fact, the free jobs I have done have opened the door to greater opportuinites for me.

Ok enough talking. Here are some samples of the work I have done so far 🙂

1plify screenshot

I manage content for the 1plify.com blog and I’ve been doing it for more than three months now. I will say the 1Plify team are one of the best clients I have had so far.


I became a regular contributor for TheMuseNG this month and one of my articles on the site went viral recently. Cool right?


I had the almost impossible task of creating a 24-page Christmas Issue in seven days over the Christmas holiday. Content was developed and concluded in three days. Sleep had to take a long vacation for me to be able to achieve this.

discovery lite

Created a Politics Issue for Discovery Lite magazine. It was basically content development and editing.

GHC Website

I created content for the Global Harvest Church Bodija website last year. I wrote the content on the landing pages and sourced for other content that  went on the site.

These are just a few samples of what I have done so far. I recently wrote some content that was used in Harvest Business School brochure and currently, I am editing three books which are scheduled to be published by April. I’m looking forward to doing  bigger and greater work in the coming months.


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