What kind of Christian are you?

ambassador for Christ

We all know this one person who claims to be a Christian but everything about that person contradicts that fact.

They treat people horribly.

If they happen to be a boss, they owe people salaries. The never show compassion to their staff

They are greedy and covetous.

They lie like it is going out of fashion.

You find them doing all the things a typical unbeliever would do.

I knew a very lovely woman a while back. When she prays, demons have no choice but to flee. However, the minute she opens her mouth you will doubt whether she actually experienced the transforming power of Jesus. It was hypocritical and many non-Christians laughed at her back.

She was simply a bad ambassador of Christ.

Now let me say this, we are in no way perfect. We are all tempted to sin on a daily basis and some of us do yield to the temptation of sin. I lie when I want to get out of difficult situations or cover for someone. I can become rude when I am annoyed. This is what makes me human yet every day, I still thrive to be like Christ.

It’s not difficult to tell that I am a Christian. I am demonstrate it from the way I live and not just from the words of my mouth.

You claim you are a Christian but do your actions validate that claim?

Do you truly love your neighbour as yourself or you have a long list of people you are keeping malice with?

Do you reach out to the poor and those who are in need or do you turn your face away from them in disgust?

Have you ever prayed for someone else who is not your family member? Have you cried out to God to meet the needs of others and even save their souls?

There is more to being a Christian than putting a lovely car sticker at the back of your car and singing the latest Israel Houghton songs. You have to reflect Christ in every area of your life. You don’t represent Christ well when people begin do doubt whether you are truly a Christian or not. What you need to understand is that you may not get the chance to preach to certain people but their souls can be won over to Christ through your behaviour.

So where are you failing in your walk with Christ? Pray to God and ask Him to help you. Tell Him you want to be a better representative on earth. I know telling the truth in certain situations can be difficult but do you know you can do it? It’s all a choice. You don’t have to tell that lie. This is something that I am working on too. You don’t have to fornicate just to ‘belong’. You are not of this world remember? You don’t have to hurl insults at that person who drove badly on your way to work. I know living  and driving in Nigeria can be stressful but with the wisdom of God, you don’t have to do things that will not glorify God.

It’s time for you and I as God’s children to live the life that God wants us to live. We are the light of this world and the salt of the earth. Can you declare that boldly? Is that light of Jesus obvious in your life?

We have the Holy Spirit within us to help us where we are falling short. Seek His help today. You can be a Christian that Jesus will be truly proud of!


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