Your gift will make room for you

Hello my dear readers. How is your week going? First of all, let me apologise for not putting up a post yesterday. It definitely was not my intention. My plate is quite full with work at the moment so finding time to put up a post has been a bit difficult. That’s not an excuse though. There’s always a way out. The blog does not have to suffer because of work ūüôā

I had a really interesting experience over the weekend, one that left me in awe. On Friday, I was invited for a brand strategy meeting that our Senior Pastor had organised. He personally asked for me to be there. I was shocked and excited at the same time. I just kept saying “Me? Me? Me?” The meeting took place on Saturday and as I was getting ready to leave my house that morning, I asked God to give me ideas so that I will make meaningful contributions during the meeting. Little did I know more surprises were ahead of me as I stepped out of my house.

The meeting started with an introductory session. There were about 10 people who attended the meeting. As people started to introduce themselves, I wanted to start screaming like a groupie. I was sitting amongst people¬†who held¬†senior management positions in the leading multinationals and agencies in the country. I tried my best to act cool. As I tried to take it all in, I remembered God’s word to me in June last year. It’s from Proverbs 18:16; “Your gift will make room for you and bring you before great men and women.” I remembered how, throughout the latter part of last year, I kept repeating that word and praying with it. I just kept confessing it. And there I was, actually before great men and women both professionally and spiritually. I just kept thanking God in my heart for the privilege. And do you know what surprised me the most? It was the fact that all the people present treated me¬†like their contemporary. By every standard possible, I was the odd one out; the youngest, the newest member of the branch, the person with the least experience and I was the only single person there. Yet, they still treated me like I was a professional with 10 years experience.

The brainstorming session was great. I learnt a lot of new things and I was able to share the ‘little’ that I know too. We bounced ideas off¬†one another and there was this synergy that made the whole process productive. As I reflected on the events of the day when I got home later that evening, the following things came to my mind:

Never doubt God’s word. Has God given you a word? Don’t take it for granted even though your circumstances seem to be contrary to that word. When I was confessing that my work will bring me before great men, I was doing free jobs or jobs that brought in little money. However, that did not stop me from believing the word. In my mind I saw pictures of myself meeting rich clients who asked for me personally¬†and executing jobs for them. God gave me that word almost eight months ago and gradually it is coming to pass in my life.

Don’t despise the work you do in obscurity. Some days ago, I went for a meeting and¬† as I was telling the lady all the work I have done so far and the platforms I have contributed to, I couldn’t help but be amazed at how the little¬†drops of writing work that I’ve done so far have¬†become something big. Interestingly, when I mentioned my name, the lady immediately said, “Ehen, I know you. I’ve been trying to figure out where I know you from.” Apparently she had read some of my articles before and knew my face. So it may seem like no one is taking note of your work but keep writing. It will pay off one day I promise you. Only the prepared can take advantage of opportunity when it comes.

Give yourself time. This point is an add-on to the previous one. I’m sure by now you know that there is nothing like an overnight success. True success takes months and even years to achieve. So don’t beat yourself up when that big money¬†doesn’t arrive after one year of pursuing your passion. It will come if you remain consistent and you keep improving yourself and your service/ product. I have a friend who has a make-up and fashion studio and she called me recently to complain about how clients are not coming her way. I had to tell her to exercise some patience which is hard to do because there seems to be an excess amount of people who need the services of professional make-up artists. Building a name takes time and it is even harder if you are in an industry that is already saturated. If you have a good product and service, clients will come eventually.

Remain humble. Humility is a virtue that a lot of people take for granted. The people I was at the strategy meeting with were all humble. They were approachable. No airs around them at all. Unfortunately a lot of successful people are not like that. They become cocky and start to look down on people. It’s even worse here in Nigeria. That’s why I’m not a fan of a lot of celebrities. They have their noses up like everyone around them stinks. It’s absolutely unnecessary. Please don’t develop that kind of attitude when you eventually make it. Be humble and help those who are trying to come up too.

The best this life has to offer will be yours with God, perseverance and some good old hard work!


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