Bringing back the art of letter writing

A few days ago, I was thinking about how the beautiful art of letter writing was killed by technology. I miss those days of writing letters, especially love letters. People usually poured their hearts out in ink. There was often a connection with the person writing the letter; a connection that technology finds hard to replicate.

There was a difficult phase in my teenage years where I wrote a letter to myself after reading a book. The book was ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.’ Although the book was about relationships, there was a part that was meant to help hurting people heal. The therapeutic letter was essentially required you to poor out your hurt, pain and fear on paper. I remember how relieved I felt after writing that letter. I wrote it as an entry in my journal and continued with life. Some weeks later, I came back home and I found a note attached to my journal. I wondered where it came from and I suspected that someone had been snooping around in my room. I opened the letter and discovered that it was from my aunty. She had replied the letter that I had written to myself. She told me how she admired the young lady that I was growing up to be. She shared her own story of pain and how she wished she could deal with it like I was dealing with mine. The letter left me in tears by the time I was done. I went to look for my aunty and just gave her a big hug with my tear-stained face. We never had personal discussions so it was just hugs and tears that day. Although words were not exchanged that day, we shared something sacred – our story. It’s a moment I can never forget and I kept that letter for years. I’m sure if I unpack my things from my old house I will find that letter there.

Letter writing needs to comes back. I miss it. True writers miss it. So you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled on Hannah Brencher’s Ted talk video, ‘Love letters to a stranger’. I felt like a child again just watching it and I even started to think of ways to replicate what she did. It’s something that I pray I am able to achieve.

Do you miss writing letters? Then you’ll enjoy Hannah’s speech.


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