The moment when you become a celebrity writer

Mywork It’s so exciting when people you don’t know appreciate and love your work. Being a writer can be a lonely journey sometimes  There are moments when I question this my writing pursuit. Are people really reading what I write or am I just entertaining myself? But I still write because I just love to do it. Recently I became a contributor for TheMuseNG. It’s owned by a good friend of mine and when he asked me to become a contributor he told me not to send any serious sounding article. You know how I like to form deep sometimes. He wanted something light and funny. I accepted and told him to expect my first article by the end of the week. I had no idea what I was going to write about.

Then one morning when I was studying my Bible, the idea just dropped into my head. A little voice said, “Write about women’s experience with ‘toasters’ who turn out to be stalkers”. The title of the piece even came to me at that moment. However I couldn’t abandon my Bible to go and write about toasters! So when I finished, I started writing the piece and I was done in less than 30 minutes.

The piece was posted on the site about two weeks ago and I forgot about it. While I was engrossed in some transcription work throughout the day yesterday, little did I know that my piece was trending on Instagram. I was off social media because I wanted to concentrate. I turned on my data around 6pm and I received a message from a friend. She wrote “celebrity”. I thought she was trying to pull my legs so I laughed it off. I went on Instagram a few minutes later and that’s when I saw it. The people that run the Wedding Digest Naija Instagram page had put up my work and the post was buzzing with likes and comments.

I was completely shocked. I’ll admit, it was a nice feeling. Many people could relate with what I had written and found the piece funny. That experience made my day. I know being a writer may not be as glamorous as being an A-list celebrity but it comes with little perks that are truly precious. Perks like people calling you or sending you emails to tell you how what you wrote caused them to do something positive or changed something about their life. The perks also come in form of anonymous thank you notes from people you may never meet; they simply want to thank you for making an impact in their lives. Those perks are rewarding and make you feel fulfilled.

So keep writing. Keep posting those articles. One day, you will become a ‘celebrity writer’. That’s what my friend called me but I’m not there yet, still a work in progress. But very soon, you shall see my work in international publications *insert cool face smiley*


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