Want to succeed in your pursuit in life? Obey the voice of God

I want to start this week by sharing a testimony with you. A lot of people ask me why I have strong faith in God. It’s because He truly cares for me. I have seen proof of this over and over again. Trusting God and having faith in His word is not an easy thing to do. Sometimes it even looks impossible. It seems absurd that God will ask you to sow the last N20,000 into someone’s life when He knows that you can barely survive on that money. It’s hard to understand God’s ways simply because He does not operate on our level of reasoning. God sees the end from the beginning. This is why obeying that ‘absurd’ command is in your best interest.

Back to my testimony. In December I had some projects that I was working on which was going to bring some cool amount of money (that sounds so igbotic.lol). I was actually happy as I needed money for a lot of things  so it was nice to have new lucrative briefs come my way. So I executes these briefs to the best of my ability and delivered when I was required to and suddenly everything stood still. One issue after the other sprang up from nowhere which led to me not being paid the money I was expecting. I was upset as you can imagine. I had delivered from my end so what was the problem? A friend of mine saw me when I was brooding over the matter and after telling her what had happened she said, “Doyin you are too soft when it comes to money issues. See ehn, just write a stinker requesting for your money and mail it to them. What rubbish!” Those were her exact words. My friend can be quite passionate but she was right though; I am too soft when it comes to money issues. I just don’t like confronting people about money. I’d rather take their matter to God in prayer.

And that is exactly what I did.

The third day after I prayed about it, God said I should let it go. “Let what go? Is that what You have to say about this matter” I wanted to reply. But then I stopped. I remembered all those times when God asked me to do things that looked silly and how they always ended up for my good. So I left the matter. I wrote the money off as one of the bad debts of 2014 and moved on. Last week, something miraculous happened. I received an unexpected alert. One of the clients paid me for the work I had done. I could not contain my excitement. While I was still amazed at the turn of events, I received an email from the second client saying the funds for my remuneration had been approved and will be transferred to me. I literally screamed when I saw the email. What? Talk about back to back testimonies.

I don’t know what exactly would have happened if I had gone ahead to confront those clients, contrary to what God had said to me. But I know this for sure – I most likely would not have collected that money. Worse, I would have damaged relations with both clients. You see why it’s important to obey God? I know you want God to give you the answer to your prayers right now but can you be patient and wait for His perfect timing? Can you trust Him to lead you safely to your expected end? Having faith can be difficult as I mentioned earlier but I will like to encourage you to grow your faith. Trust in God and believe He will make all things work together for your good. So when He asks you to sow that seed or give up that thing that is so dear to you, do it. He has something greater in store for you.

I’ll leave you with beautiful verse of Scripture; mediate upon it and receive the truth in it.

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who trusts in Him!” (Psalm 34:8).


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