Doyin’s Review: Ms Unlikely is that must-have coffee table book

Ms Unlikely by Remi Roy

I featured the author of this very lovely book on the blog a few days ago. Click here if you missed it. Today, I’m doing the review of her debut novella, Ms Unlikely, as promised. I’ll make a quick confession, when Remi told me it was a Christian romance story, my interest diminished a little. I had just finished reading a Christian romance story by a first time author that was so cliché and lacklustre. I didn’t want to go through that experience again.

Although I had my reservations, I asked Remi to send me a copy. She seemed like a sweet person and I loved her energy. I put off reading the book for a few days because I was really swamped with deadlines. When I eventually started reading the book, I couldn’t stop. Ms Unlikely is a page turner. As you read, you become eager to see how everything will end even though you can already guess what the end looks like.

The main character’s life, Reki, is very open. You can literally see life through her eyes. I felt her pain and her happiness at the same time. I could understand what she was going through. Although some of the romantic parts were a bit mushy, it was sweet. I loved the way Remi was selective with the words she used to describe Reki’s feelings. It was natural; like how a teenager falling in love for the first time feels. Remi didn’t try too hard to convey the feelings of love. The reader feels it immediately like they are the ones who are in love.

Another thing I love about Reki’s story is that it is relatable and real. It’s something that a lot of people go through. The confusion that goes back and forth in Reki’s mind strikes a chord. Her story helps you to re-examine your life and you ask yourself the question, “Am I really fulfilling my life’s purpose?” It causes an awakening on your inside. It also brings hope to people who find themselves in the same boat as Reki.

As much as I really loved the book, you could tell that Remi is a first time author from certain parts of the book. The drama going on in the lead character’s life is so much that the reader gets lost in translation as Remi tries to take us deeper into her world. In those parts, I felt less words and descriptions were needed. It did make my mind wander a bit. Also I wanted a different ending. The story was so good that I did not even want it to end at all.

Besides that, Ms Unlikely is a really good book and I am happy to recommend it to everyone to read. It is worth every kobo you spend on it. It’s a story that you can read over and over again and you will not get tired of it. Sometimes I think about Reki and her funny way of thinking. That’s how much the story sticks in your mind.

Ms. Unlikely is available on Amazon, Createspace or you can visit Remi Roy’s website at


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