Hearing from God – The personalised option

I remember when I gave my life to Christ a few years back, there was so much mystery surrounding the Christian faith to me. One of the mysteries was the concept of God talking to people. I’ll hear the pastor say, “When I was preparing for today’s message, God told me to preach on a different topic.” God told you? How? Those were the questions that usually ran through my mind.

Then I started reading my Bible and I got to the story of Samuel. God had called him twice and he did not know it was God who was calling him. He ran to Eli thinking it was Eli. Eli at first thought Samuel was imagining things but when he returned the second time, he knew that it must have been God who was calling the young prophet. Indeed it was God. All over the Bible you find many instances of God talking to people, whether through an angel, animal or dreams.

I soon began to yearn to hear from God. I wanted to hear that loud voice say, “Doyin, my daughter. It is me, your Lord God.” I wanted a special visitation from God. It never happened. I used to wonder whether it was because my faith wasn’t deep enough. For many years, I thought so until I learnt about the many ways God speaks to people. I learnt that God speaks to us differently. Some hear God’s voice distinctly like He is standing beside them while others hear a still small voice. I hear a still small voice. That voice can be obstructed when your mind is focusing on too many things. That’s why it is called a still small voice – your mind needs to be still to hear it.

It’s quite easy to hear from God. Here’s how:

Know His voice. If you don’t know God’s voice, you will miss Him when He speaks to you. You may even call it something else when it is actually God’s voice. One of the best ways of knowing God’s voice is to spend time with Him. God’s name is tied to who He is. The more you study your Bible and spend time in His presence, the more you’ll be able to recognise His voice when He speaks.

Focus on the little things. One valuable advice I received when I longed to hear from God was to start out by learning to hear from God in the little things. Back then I wanted to hear from God concerning certain things about the future. However, since I didn’t recognise God’s voice in the little things, how was I going to recognise His voice in big things? Let God guide you in the little decisions each day. Doing so will allow you to get familiar with His voice.

Pray. Thought you could avoid prayer right? Sorry. If you want to hear from God, you need to ask Him. When we need anything, God says we should ask so ask Him to speak to you. More importantly, ask Him to make you attentive to His voice when He speaks. I cannot imagine how many times I must have missed God’s voice back then because I didn’t realise that He was speaking to me in a still small voice. I was waiting for the loud voice and supernatural vision.

Pay attention to your personalised method. Like I stated before, there are many ways to hear from God. Recently I discovered that God speaks to people through pictures and a lot of things began to make sense to me. Everyone who reads my blog knows that I have an active imagination. What I haven’t told many people is that 70% of the things I see in my imagination actually happen in real life. I used to think it was déjàvu. I never thought it was God speaking to me because the pictures in my mind were so simple. Nothing spectacular. But then I’ll be amazed when they actually happened. So you must bear in mind that God has different ways of speaking to people. Yours may not be as spectacular as you neighbour’s. It does not mean that it is not God who is speaking to you.

Finally, I will suggest that you read books and listen to messages on the subject. Kenneth Hagin did a series on hearing from God which I found very useful. Get them and listen to them. Feel free to share the methods you used to get your personalised method of hearing from God.


2 Replies to “Hearing from God – The personalised option”

  1. Very nice…. I also used to get bugged down about hearing from God as I always expected something spectacular.
    Still learning to hear and recognise his voice.

  2. I’m happy to hear you are learning to recognise His voice. A lot of times it is not as spectacular as we want it to be. Please try and search for Kenneth Hagin’s messages on this topic. I learnt a lot from them. I’m sure you will too.

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