Finding your rhythm this year

It’s four days into the New Year…how has it been for you? Are you still excited as you were on December 31st? Is that hope that things will be better this year still alive within you? Is your vision for 2015 still on course?

After the hysteria of crossing over into the New Year, the reality sets in. A new year is just like every other new year; a blank slate. The outcome of the year will be determined by what you put into it. Shout from the top of your lungs from now until the end of January about how this is going to be your breakthrough year, if you don’t act accordingly, 2015 will just end up being like 2014.

I had a spectacular crossover service in my Church. It was an emotional one for me because not only did it signify the end of 2014, it was also the end of life as I knew it. January was to usher in certain changes; changes in location, position and status. I was excited and scared at the same time. Was I truly ready? There was something I decided to do few weeks back. A few people thought I was crazy. I decided not to set conventional goals like I did in previous years. I wanted God to lead me all the way. And something interesting happened in the last days of the year. God told me that He wanted to walk with me month by month, day by day in the new year. So as of January 1st 2015, I had no clear picture of what exactly I’d be doing.

A day later and the story was different; God had showed me the different areas He wanted me to focus on in January. I had never experienced anything like that. You know what I did next? I went ahead to write down exactly how I was going to achieve those goals. I broke it down into weeks, days and hours. I made it really simple. I also set up a system to assess my progress. I call it my little log book. So every day of this month, I have a target to meet.

You need to breakdown your goals the same way. It is not enough for you to say you want to increase your streams of income this year. How are you going to increase your streams of income? What changes do you need to make? What things do you need to start doing now? You need to set some time out to do this. It took me close to two hours to map out my month into daily targets but it has really helped me. My days are more productive than they’ve ever been.

It is my prayer that this year turns out exactly as you expect it to be and I also pray that those expectations will also be exceeded. Be diligent every day. Stretch yourself and your faith. Some of the things I’m expecting this year will sound bizarre to some people. But I received some bizarre job offers last week, so the impossible definitely does happen.

Some interesting changes are coming to this blog. That means more quality content for you to read every day. It also means more work for me but I’m not complaining. I’ll let you in on the changes as the days go by. Thank you for sticking with me thus far. Have a prosperous week!


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