8 things that must end with 2014

Ok. I’m going to be very candid in this post. There are some things that just need to end with 2014. These are things that I think have overstayed their welcome in our world.

In no particular order here are the things that just have to end with 2014

  • Nudity and perversity. I don’t know how to start on this one. It was like in 2014, the race was for who could show off their nakedness the most. All sense of decency was thrown out with the wind. We’re happy you have a great body but please do us a favour in 2015, keep your naked pictures to yourself. And while we are at it, let’s stop the perversity that has become rampant in the fabric of our society. It’s just disgusting.
  • Bad grammar. It is my sincere prayer that 2014 will mark the end of the era of ‘am (I’m)’, ‘have (I’ve) and other forms of bad grammar. I also pray that it marks the end of retarded styles of shorthand writing that only make sense to a selective few.
  • Unsolicited PR emails. PR people, please, for the love of God…stop sending unsolicited PR emails. I am not a music promoter. I don’t care if your artist just released a single called ‘Pangolo’. It is none of my business. And even if you have to send me these emails, have the courtesy to get my gender right. Don’t address me as ‘boss or sir’.
  • Social media grandeur. Social media is really a tool of empowerment. It also brings about a false sense of status. It makes people who, on a normal day, have no confidence to walk up to you to think they can say anything they like simply because they have sufficient data. 2014 needs to be the death of Twitter noise makers and social media bullies. Mind your space in 2015 abeg.
  • Dense musical lyrics. Won’t it be great if our artists start producing music that actually makes sense? Not the one syllable junk that is masked as good music. Can they begin to sing songs that have depth; songs that will truly be timeless? Maybe I am asking for too much. Sigh.
  • Bland content. I cannot count the number of times I went on my favourite blogs and said to myself, “How is this news”? As fascinating as the lives of wealthy families and celebrities may be, is it possible for blogs to focus more on ordinary people making impact in their society. Instead of showing us pictures of one luxury vacation or the other, can we see more content that has positive impact on people? Again, I understand that this might be too much to ask for.
  • Sycophancy and all its relatives. Sycophants need to just remain in 2014 and let the rest of us breath in 2015. Nigeria would be a much better place if we had less people that suck-up to people in authority and more people who are bold to speak up against their shortcomings.
  • Fake living and packaging. It will be nice for people to be real in 2015. Everyone is trying to show that they have a more fabulous life than the next person. There is this intense competition to be the person that is living the most luxurious life. To be honest, this competition is unnecessary. We need real people in 2015; people who are not afraid to show who they really are. It will also be nice to see more ladies being comfortable stepping out of their houses without make-up and Brazilian hair and all the different kinds of paddings we have today. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s just be real.

Those are just a few of the things that I feel should remain with 2014. What about you? Are there things you feel should not crossover into 2015?


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