Are you really tired of the status quo?

This post is inspired by the message I heard in Church yesterday. It was a word in season for me as the theme of the message was in line with what God has been telling me for some weeks now. The message is this – are you really tired of the status quo? How bad do you desire that change you want to see in your life? Are you willing to go the extra mile in the right direction to bring about that change?

As time slowly ticks away, 2014 gradually comes to its end. 2014 had its fair share of blessings for me but there has to be more in 2015. There just has to be more. I went for the naming ceremony over the weekend and as I was trekking with my brother, I started to pray that this season will mark the end of trekking in my life. I began to pray so seriously that my brother began to laugh. I didn’t care that I was on the road; I was speaking and prophesying into my life. Want to know why? I’m tired of the status quo. I am tired of the struggle life. I am fed up of trekking every time. No way; things cannot continue like this in 2015. My car is coming. This season of going round in circles is coming to an end. My story is changing from ‘getting by’ to ‘more than enough’. I am also tired of the complacency of the Church. We need to do more. We say we have the power of God but that power is not manifesting. There’s got to be more than just going to Church on Wednesdays and Sundays. There are souls out there who need the light that we carry as children of God. The Church in Nigeria needs to start making impact.

I am really passionate about the change I want to see in my life because I am fed up. Let me tell you something, if you are comfortable with where you are right now, you cannot achieve more. You will not be able to get to the next level. I always tell people that it is good to be content but in that contentment, look forward to achieving more. If you don’t do that, your life will remain stagnant. So what negative trends have lingered in your life for so long? Now is the time to desire more. That desire has to come from your spirit. You should come to the point where you are fed up with lack. That is when your eyes will be open to opportunities to make wealth. That is when you will begin to pray the right prayers that will cause the heavens to move on your behalf.

This message is not for everybody. Some people have all they have ever dreamed of in life; a good home, money, status, children and so on. That’s great. I am really happy for you. But this message is for people who are feeding from hand to mouth. people who have struggled for months on end and they are not seeing the fruits of their labour. I am writing for people who are about to give up – that bad situation that they are in is about to consume them. Don’t give up. You can still take one more step. Things can still change and with God they will definitely turn around. Be encouraged. Keep believing, keep trusting in God…your story is about to change for good.

Let’s be hungry for more together. Hungry for more in our lives, hungry for more in our families and hungry for more in our nation. There is more to life. Can we reach out and aim for that ‘more’? Not only is it possible for us to be so much more, that next level is available to all of us. You just need to reach out. 2015 is the year of more.


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