Christmas is here! It’s the season to be merry

Wow! Can you believe it’s Christmas? I keep asking myself, “When did 2014 start?” In about seven days, this beautiful year will be over. Isn’t God faithful? It’s because of Him that we are able to see yet another Christmas.

I know you must have one plan or the other for today. I don’t have any major plans. I’m going for a Christmas party later today. It’s a mini-reunion with my friend from high school and I’m looking forward to it. The invitation was quite last minute so I’ve had to psyche myself up a bit. God forbid that the anti-social Doyin comes out in full force this evening.hehe. I really want to have a good time today and break away from my usual routine.

Even though I’m having quite a laidback Christmas, my mind is still focused on the significance of the season. Christmas is all about Christ – Jesus. He is the reason we have this season in the first place. The ultimate sacrifice He paid by coming into this world to bear our sins is a reminder that we must live each day reflecting Christ through us. It is not enough for you to spend Christmas by visiting friends and family and being merry. It is not rough to eat all the food in the world and open as many presents as your hands can lay on. You have to show love. That’s the essence of the season. And it’s not just love for those you’d naturally love, that is, your friends and family, It is love for those who have no one to show them love. Show love to everyone even those people you ignore on a daily basis. Let the love of Christ radiate through you today. And please this is not limited to today alone. Everyday you spend on this planet should be lived reflecting the love of Christ.

So from me to you, have a merry Christmas! Be merry, don’t overeat and have loads of fun :*


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