So your dreams have come true…what next?

It is rare to find someone who has no dreams or aspirations. Most people desire something; more money, increased status. better education…the list is endless really. More often than not, we spend a lot of time setting goals and planning the roadmap of the journey to where we want to be. Some times we are so engrossed in the process of planning and working hard that we forget to note when we arrive at our destination. We get to our destination and we find that it’s not as glittery as we pictured.

The question I want to ask is this question; what happens after you have achieved your dreams? What happens after you have all the money you have ever dreamed of? What happens when you finally reach that top position in your career that you’ve been dreaming of for years. What happens when you eventually get married to the man or woman of your dreams? If you don’t know, then there may be a problem. It is common belief that happiness and fulfilment comes when you finally achieve your dreams. Imagine you’ve been working hard to improve your financial status for five years and that big break finally comes. Initially you’re excited. Who wouldn’t be? But few months down the line, it’s not all you thought it would be. Wealth comes with its own special kind of problems. You’re finding it difficult to sift through the flood of friends that suddenly appears at your door step. Or worse, you lose your sense of what is truly important and what isn’t – you become vain.

As much as it is important to set goals and have dreams, it is equally important to prepare for life after that dream comes to reality. I would even argue that it is more important to prepare for life after you have achieved your dreams. Will the world come to an end when your dreams finally come true? No it won’t. When your dreams come true, a shift will have occurred. You will not be on the same level as you were before. Things will change and certain things in your life have to change too. If they don’t change there will be an imbalance which may cause problems later on. So if you are dreaming to be a billionaire by 2016, start preparing for what you will do when that money comes. How will you spend it? What projects will you execute? What plans do you have to make sure you are never broke again in your life? That’s the kind of preparation I am talking about. It will be sad if you eventually ahieve your dreams and you are unable to maintain the tempo because you are not prepared.

Dream big. Aim for the best in life. Never settle for less. But in all of this, get ready for the change that is to come. Get ready for the new kind of challenges that will come your way. One thing I constantly pray for is that I will never forsake God when my dreams come true. It’s easy to say it can never happen to you but it can. You get the job of your dreams and suddenly you don’t have time for God any more. You miss service the first Sunday, the Second Sunday until you can count the number of times you go to Church in a quarter. What about your prayer life? Slowly and steadily, it takes a hit. So never say it is impossible. Instead pray to God to always make you focused on the things that are important. Ask for the grace to always put Him first.

So I ask again; when you dreams comes true, what next? Make sure you can satisfactorily answer that question.


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