The silent beauty of power

PowerI’ve missed blogging. I didn’t mean to disappear for three days. I was trying to accomplish the impossible….well almost impossible. I got an email on Saturday afternoon asking if I was available to work on a Christmas issue of a particular magazine. “Work on a Christmas issue barely 12 days to Christmas”, I said to myself. I really did want to say no but I’ll be candid, I can do with some extra cash in my life right now. I assumed it won’t be so bad. Maybe they already had the content and they just needed me to pull the whole thing together. Boy…was I so wrong! When I went in for the meeting on Monday, I realised that there was no useable content on ground.

My brief was to create a fun Christmas magazine that will be out before Christmas. I had to wrap up content by Wednesday, send to the designer, have it designed in less than four days and ready for press on Monday. In this magazine publishing world that’s almost impossible. But trust the workaholic Doyin, I went ahead to take this job. I did finish the content on Wednesday as planned. The result however is that I have been sleep deprived for three days and my brain feels really numb. Can’t believe I was able to pull it off. Fingers crossed; the designer plays his own part and we actually get to go to press on Monday.

I’m glad to have that off my plate for now and get around to doing other things. I was watching House of Cards on Sunday (Yes I know; I carried last on this one) and there was something that struck me in one of the scenes. It’s about power and how much influence a person can have. Clare Underwood, the lead character’s wife, saw herself in a precarious situation when the hotel she wanted to use for her fundraising dinner cancelled on her on the day of the dinner as a result of events stirred up by her congressman husband. She immediately calls him to fix the situation and with his influence, they were able to have a successful event at the end of the day. It was genius.

That’s really how to describe the effect of power. I am not talking about power that comes as a result of force. I’m talking about power that comes as a result of respect. The one that comes because you know your stuff and you have a certain level of influence. It is the kind of power that Fela Durotoye or Malala Yousafzai has. The kind of power causes you to walk into a room and everything stops. Things don’t stop out of fear but out of admiration and awe. I like that kind of power. It is subtle. It has a silent beauty to it. It is, as I said before, genius.

So now I’m wondering, how does one get this power? As you are right now, do you think you are powerful? I know I wield some influence in certain areas but I don’t think I’m powerful; at least not yet. Someone described me as a powerful woman recently and I stopped to think. Me? Powerful? Maybe spiritually. You know I’m a prayer warrior.hehe. But seriously am I wrong? What makes a person powerful; their status, position or the amount of money that they have.?

I’m just thinking aloud here. I don’t have answers to these questions. What I know is that I want to be powerful and have influence so that I make things happen. So that I can effect change. So that my name will be written in the sands of time as a woman who used her power to make a difference. Don’t you want that kind of power too?


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