I just want to say…you’re amazing!

the best

I am still floating on the cloud of love from yesterday. I had a really amazing day. The love was flowing from every angle. People that I haven’t spoken to in a while made an effort to talk to me. I was truly touched.

It’s great to be a year older. Can I tell you something? I don’t feel different. What was I expecting though; that I would transform to a new human being overnight? Don’t mind me. But the fact is nothing spectacular happened physically but mentally and spiritually, I know a shift occurred. Yes; I’m about to go deep. As I went to bed in the early hours of yesterday, I had a clear vision of the path that God is taking me on. It is really exciting. Sadly I cannot share that vision with you; you will just have to see it unfold 🙂 *end of deepness*

I cannot round off this post without saying thank you to some special people. These are the people who have held me down in difficult times. They kept me from losing my mind.

To Waky and Onah thank you for always being there; even in those phases when my disappearing act was in full force. Friends like you are like gold.

To oga Tuned aka Tunde aka Dx Snipe (my big brother from another mother), thank you for all the words of wisdom and prayers. We’ve known each other for a short while but you’ve had such a huge impact in my life. He’s always looking out for me…always. You inspire me in every way!

To my GHC Fam, Sis Nike of life, Sis Bimbo, Mr and Mrs Lala, Mrs Fadayomi and my lovely pastors…you’ve all been there for me in more ways that one. It’s always great to have people who have your back all the way.

To my parents; it’s been a tough journey but from the depth of my heart I truly love you. Daddy…no matter what, you’re still my number one man after God. You are one of the key people who made me the woman I am today. I love you to the moon and back. How can I forget my one and only Deedee? We make the Jaiyesimi clan rock.

And to my main man…the mainest of them all…my Saviour, my King, my everything…thank you for this life You have given me. Thank You for never leaving my side and thank You for giving me many reasons to smile everyday, I’m going to keep shining for You until I die.

Finally, to my wonderful readers. What can I say…I am usually touched when I read your comments and your emails. When I started this blog six months ago, I had no idea whether people would be interested in what I had to say. I knew I had a voice and it was time to use it. Thank you for every view and every click. To my dedicated readers; those who visit my blog even on days when I don’t put up any post, thank you. Although I don’t know who you personally, just know that you are simply amazing! And Lizzy Chile…I’m blowing special kisses to you :*

So here’s a big hearty cheer to 25. Let’s make this year rock…shall we?


4 Replies to “I just want to say…you’re amazing!”

  1. Yaaaaay! had you in mind in d midst of my “busyness”….your dreams will unfold beyond your imaginations! This is the least you’ll ever be!!! Yaaaaay! 25 Rocks big time! Happy belated Birthday sweets!!!

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