Freestyle writing: The four-way crossroad


Like I mentioned in my last post, I managed to do some personal writing. So here it is. It’s called ‘The Four-way Crossroad’.

I hate crossroads. I know hate is a strong word. But what else can I use to describe my strong hatred for this re-occurring visitor?

I’m at a crossroad. What a shocker. It’s not just any crossroad but a four-way crossroad. Don’t think I have ever come across that term. The peculiarity of my world causes me to bring new meanings to things. You know this four-way cross road right? I’m at the centre of it – the path to take still uncertain.

To move forward seems to be the logical path to follow. But which way is forward? Which of these four paths is the front? Road A? Road B? Road C? Or Road D? I look around and I am even more confused. The road I face is the road in front. But is that the road that will move me forward?

I face Road A now. Road A is familiar. I see the things years past have brought into my life. Road A is tugging at my heart. Oh! How the familiar can stand in the way of progress. No. I choose not to take Road A.

As I turn to Road B, my heart still yearns for Road A. I feel like Lot’s wife now; moving to unfamiliar territory and leaving behind all comfort. But didn’t she turn to salt? No; that can’t be the end of this story. Road B it is.

Road B. Road B. What exactly is in Road B? I really don’t know. I see a little bit of glitter but there are so many bumps. And who are these strangers? I don’t like their faces. I don’t think Road B is for me. Too spooky.

On to Road C. Road C is very dark, lonely and cold. But there is a shining star above that gives this feeling of hope. As I look closely, I see a light at the very end. The light looks inviting but I have to endure the harsh cold to get there. I’m not pleased with the idea of potentially freezing to death. Should I go? Should I move on to Road D? Silly me; I forgot to mention a little detail – you cannot go back once you’ve moved on.

Should I take the risk? What if Road D does not hold anything better? Then again, what if the light I see at the end of Road C is just a mirage? I can never know until I take a step.

So here I am this very minute; stuck between two paths in this four-way crossroad. The thing that makes me stuck, most people will call it indecision. I call it fear – fear of the unknown.


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