25on25Series – My 25th year will be all this and more


My brain is still trying to boot as I write this post. I’m preparing for a series of exams and since I read best at night, I was awake until about 4am just studying. I will try as much as possible to make my thoughts coherent in this post today. Wish me luck.

I had an interesting discussion yesterday and I was asked what my expectations for my 25th year are. I thought it would be easy to answer that question since I have so many pending goals that I am yet to achieve but it was not that easy to answer the question. I had to pause a bit and think. The reason is simple. Lately, I have been thinking about how my life over the last few years has been just about myself. All the goals I’ve set have either been about me or my family. But that there’s more to life than me and my family. My spirit has been leading me to the bigger picture.

So after I thought about it for a while, I did answer that question. I won’t be able to share some of the things I mentioned in my response. In as much as I want to be completely open on my blog, I have to create some boundaries for the sake of privacy. It’s not like the things are bad, they are just a bit too personal. However, I will share these few things with you;

I want my 25th year to be about making impact and meeting other people’s needs. Like I said earlier, I’m looking at the bigger picture. I want to step out of myself for once and reach out to people. Over the years, I have been drawn to teenagers/ young adults as I mentor quite a number of them so I think I will still reach out to people that fall into this category, especially females. I don’t exactly know in what way I will go about doing this. I have a few ideas but nothing concrete yet. I know quite a number of people who have set up social causes to meet the needs of disadvantaged women and teenagers. It might not be a bad idea to partner with such people. I’m open to suggestions on how to make this goal achievable.

Aside from meeting people’s needs, I want to take my writing up a notch and actually write a book. It is way overdue really. I should have written tons of books by now. But it’s not too late. The only problem I have now is how to maintain the inspiration needed to complete the book. Writing a book is something that takes a lot of time and effort. Unfortunately, this only makes things a bit more difficult for me. If I start writing a book today, I want to finish it today; you know, while the ginger is still there. Once I close it and go to bed, that’s the end. By the time I wake up the next day, I would have lost interest in it. That’s the reason why I have so many unfinished books. I start but abandon it in the middle. I think the longest I’ve ever gone is one week. I don’t know if it is a problem of discipline or I am not just as passionate about writing a book as I ought to be. Oh…there’s another problem…what should I write about? Should it be a book about my life? Or should it be about a part of my life, for example my childhood? I really don’t know yet. Again, I am open to suggestions.

By this time next year by God’s grace, I should have finished writing at least one book and I should have impacted the lives of a certain amount of people. That’s in addition to the other goals I cannot mention. Thinking about it is making my heart beat faster now. It is going to involve a lot of work and patience but I am confident that I can make it work. I can achieve the goals I have set for my 25th year. God is with me so I know I can do it 🙂

Anyway that’s it for today. Thank you for reading thus far. I’m going back to bed now. I’m sure in a couple of hours I’ll be back to my normal self. Cheers!


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