Should you marry a virgin or non-virgin? Here’s what I think

Let’s rewind to July last year shall we? I had had just returned from Lagos after completing the mandatory NYSC orientation camp in Iseyin. I was on my way to visit my former colleagues when I was stopped by this lady holding a microphone on the over-head bridge at Anthony Village. For some reason I stopped. Normally I don’t but I felt I should listen to what she had to say. When she said she was with Battabox I just wanted to flee at that moment. I had watched some Battabox videos and I did not want to be put on the spot.

The lady was quite persuasive so I stayed and then she hit me with her question; ‘Would you marry a virgin or non-virgin’? “What is all this now”, I thought to myself. I had to answer that question carefully because I did not want to give an answer that would promote sexual promiscuity. At the same time, I needed to be realistic as well.

Anyway, here’s the answer I was able to come up with under the short time given. I was as objective as I could be.

What’s your take on the matter? Would you prefer to get married to a virgin or non-virgin?


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