25on25Series – Highlights of my life so far

I should apologise for not putting up a post yesterday. The WordPress app on my phone does not allow me to upload pictures with my posts. It’s been like this for three weeks now. If anyone knows how I can solve this problem, kindly let me know. I really do hate putting up posts without pictures. It makes the post look really bland.

Anyway let’s get back to my #25on25Series. So there’s a little dilemma. I don’t know if I should do highlights of my 24th year only or extend it to highlights of my whole life. Ok I think I’ll extend it. So these are the events that brought me great joy. Obviously, I have to censor this list. Certain memories are for the benefit of myself and the parties involved (*big smile*).

Hmm…which one should come first?

I’ll start with my 10th birthday. I cannot remember missing any birthday celebration when I was younger. Whether it was major or not, I celebrated every birthday. And my dad actually insisted on it every time so I guess I was just going with the flow. My 10th birthday was quite special for me because it was the first birthday I celebrated after my dad left. To see my family together once again was really nice. My parents went all out to make sure I had an amazing birthday and I did.

The second highlight is when I committed to serving God in 2009. I was already born again at this time, for close to two years actually but I was just going to church. I didn’t have a personal relationship with God. An encounter that summer made me to commit to serving God for the rest of my life and as you can imagine, my life turned around from that point.

I had another major highlight in 2009, my mini UK road trip. I didn’t have enough money to travel out of the UK and since my parents weren’t coming to visit me, I decided to visit my friends who lived in other cities. My first stop was Leicester where I went to see my very good friend Onah. I ended up going for a program that led to my second highlight. From Leicester I moved to Nottingham, Loughborough, Ipswich, London and finally back to my base in Leeds. The experience that year was truly memorable.

The next highlight was in…ok I cannot remember what year it was. It was most likely 2010. Anyway Living Praise (the choir of my church in Leeds) was invited by Barclays Bank to sing for their cyclists who were returning from a tour of Europe. I remember when our choir leader told us about the invitation. The first thing I asked was whether they knew that we only sang gospel songs. She laughed and somehow four of us ended up going to Barclays Bank to sing ‘Jesus is a mighty God’ and other medley of songs. I won’t lie; I was really nervous but it turned out great. There was a large crowd in front of the bank. They stood there just listening to us and enjoying the songs. Simply amazing!

Another major highlight was being given the opportunity to minister with Dr Panam Percy Paul on the same stage. We had a program in my church and he was one of the guest ministers. I can never forget how shocked I was when he invited the whole choir to come and sing with him on stage. It was such a surreal moment. I’m glad I have this highlight which I will treasure for the rest of my life.

So that’s five major highlights. I definitely have more than that. Like when I went off to uni for the first time in 2007. I was so happy to be finally free. I can still feel that excitement right now. Then there was the Leeds Gospel Concert III that I helped to organise. The event turned out greater than we expected. I had never pulled off such a big event like that before then. And how can I forget The Future Awards 2012…that event was truly memorable. My former colleagues and I cannot get together without mentioning one or two things that happened during that long weekend in Port-Harcourt.

My life has been really exciting when I think about it. It is not as I boring as I make it look sometimes.


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