25on25Series – The list of guys I’ve had a crush on


Haha…I got you with that headline! Someone actually asked me to write a post about the people I have or I’ve had a crush on. I thought about it and…no way. I don’t think I’m ready to awaken love within anybody that really needs to be asleep. So the list of the people I have a crush on stays with me, myself and I. Plus there is only one person I have a crush on right now and he is not even aware *continues sipping tea*.

Don’t worry; your click has not been in vain. I am going to share the lessons I have learnt so far in my life. I actually considered writing a letter to my younger self; something like the letter Oprah wrote to her 25 year old self. I think I’ll do that before this series officially comes to an end. Today I’ll stick with the lessons.

These are the 5 lessons I’ve learnt so far in life. I pray you learn for them too.

The grass is not always greener on the other side – I had to learn this lesson over and over again; all that glitters is not always gold. That person that you are envying may simply be an expert in packaging. That new job you feel will turn your life around may end up being a disaster. It’s best to wait for God’s timing concerning the things that you desire and don’t have longer throat.

Time heals wounds – When I was younger, it was very difficult for me to let go of hurts. I could forgive people but I never really forgot what they did to me. I wish I was told to give it time; that eventually, the pain would disappear as I handed them over to God. Pain doesn’t last forever and never let what someone did to you keep you in bondage.

Everything always works out well…especially when you are on God’s side – Do you know how much worry I would have saved myself if I knew this early in life? I was a Chief Worrier back in the day. Any little thing could set me off on that worry train. And it the end…it always worked out well. Always. So why did I waste my time being worried in the first place?

The journey to the expected end can be really painful – We all have goals and dreams. Most of us want it to happen right now. I was like that too. Achieving my goals was a bit easier in my teens. As I grew older I realised things became harder and that is because the goals became bigger. So don’t panic when things get tough along the way. It is part of the journey.

Laugh more…life is too short – Someone who got to know me recently will read this and wonder what I’m on about because I almost always have a smile of my face except when I’m not in the mood. This hasn’t always been the case. In fact my nickname when I was in secondary school was Incredible Hulk. I was a huge box of anger. Letting and laughing more does actually improve the quality of your life.

I thank God I’ve been able to learn these lessons and more. I’m definitely not the girl I was in my teens. I’m glad that every year I get better and better and God always causes me to grow. I’m looking forward to my 25th year and I’m excited about the new things I’m going to learn.

I will like to say a special thank you to those people who have joined in my birthday excitement. There is a confession that I will share…but not today. Thank you and I love you tres much :*


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