Yay! December is finally here…


I’m just so excited today. The best month of the year is here. I love December and it’s not because I am a December baby (well maybe partly). I love December because it brings with it the expectation of the new year. It is month of festivities and celebration. There’s usually excitement in the air when December comes.

December is also a time to sit back and review the year. Depending on how the rest of the year turned out for you, this can be sobering activity. When you haven’t achieved 20% of what you set out to achieve in 2014, it is easy to look at yourself as a failure. It is easy to believe all hope is lost. So many things didn’t happen as I hoped they would this year and I will tell you some of those things.

I didn’t go for my Masters Degree. At this time last year, I had a conviction in my heart that 2014 would be the year that I would return to the UK to complete my Masters Degree. Around April I knew this was most likely not to happen. So I had cross that out of my 2014 goals list. I didn’t get the new apartment that I prayed for earnestly. Even though I wanted it so bad, I just had to move on. I didn’t get the big financial break that I felt would happen this year. This was one of the hardest to come to terms with. Month after month I held on to my faith that the big break will finally come. Lastly I didn’t connect with Mr Right. I hoped Mr Right would find me this year. I mean really…what is he waiting for sef? Up till now, I have only seen Mr Want To Be Right.

Want to know something though? I haven’t given up yet. I know some people will feel that it is rather pointless to still keep hope alive. After all, what can happen in 30 days? I’ll tell you. A lot. Things can still work out for you. That dream can still come alive again. This not the time to give up, call it a day and anticipate 2015. Have you ever seen an athlete that gave up in the last lap? That’s when they put in more of their energy. You should do the same too. Keep hope alive.

I know someone is wondering, ‘What if you don’t achieve these things by December 31st?’ I’m willing to take that chance because I have nothing to lose at this point in my life. And most importantly, I serve a God that makes the impossible possible. So why wouldn’t I believe? Why shouldn’t I renew my faith and go the extra mile? It might be the last hour or the last month of 2014, but things can still happen. Things can still work out for you.

So yes, I really love December. My hope is renewed. I am re-energized. Best of all, my birthday is in 13 days. Yay me!

PS – I’ll continue with my #25on25Series tomorrow


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