25on25Series: Sugar, spice…and all the things I want for my birthday

birthday gift

Thank God it’s Friday! I love Fridays. Don’t really know why since my weekends are just as busy as the weekdays. Anyway today is Black Friday and there are great shopping deals everyone can benefit from. What better time than now to post my birthday wish list? I have made it easy for my beloved friends and fans. Don’t crack your head about what to get me for my birthday – just read this list *big smile*

To be honest, this list has the potential of being endless because there are so many things I need and want but these are the few that are on the top on that list.

A beautiful tablet – I’ve managed to survive without it for too long but I actually need a tab. It’ll make my work more convenient. Carrying a big laptop everywhere is just not cool anymore. Not fussy about the brand; as long as it works as it should and it has great features.


The full collection of Shakespeare’s works – A weird present right? I’ve always wanted to have the full collection of Shakespeare’s work but for one reason or the other, I haven’t been able to lay hands on it.

Session at the spa – Can’t remember the last time I visited the spa. Oh wait…I think I do. It was in 2009. Can you imagine? Since I’ve been under so much stress lately, a session at the spa will not be a bad idea. Don’t you think so too?


Smartphone – My Blackberry has served me faithfully. Although it has had its fair share of drama, it’s been of great benefit to me. Now, however, it is time to replace it. I love BBs so a Q10 or any of the new models will do just fine. Don’t mind an android phone but for data consumption purposes I think I will stick with a BB.

Voucher to my favourite bookstore – There are so many books I want to get. Thought about listing them here but what’s the point? An unlimited voucher to my favourite bookstore will do the trick. By the way don’t know is such a thing exists – unlimited voucher.  An Amazon gift card will suffice here.


Piano – By God’s grace, next year I want to learn how to play certain musical instruments starting with the piano and the guitar. I already have a guitar so a piano will be a lovely present. Again not fussy about the brand but it should be functional and durable.

A return ticket to Dubai – This is just me dreaming out loud but who knows; God can just touch someone’s heart to get this for me. A vacation is way overdue for me and I will like to go somewhere I’ve never gone to before. Hence Dubai…plus it’s on my list of countries to visit.


Unlimited Data – Just thought I’ll chuck this one in here. Data has become such an indispensable commodity. Unfortunately, data is still so expensive in Nigeria. It will be nice for me not to worry about whether or not I have sufficient data for a while; a generous person would have already taken care of it.

If it’s not convenient for you to get me any of these things, you can simply give me the money. After all, money is always needed; nothing like having too much money.hehe.

Have a blessed weekend and if you are Ibadan I want to invite you for The Settlement. It’s a prayer vigil that is taking place in my church, Global Harvest Church Bodija. The first two we had this year were awesome. This one is going to be even greater. It starts at 11pm and we are having it at our church premises in Agodi GRA, beside Subuola Nursery and Primary School. Hope to see you there!


3 Replies to “25on25Series: Sugar, spice…and all the things I want for my birthday”

  1. Hey Doyin! so i just laughed out loud reading through this post….my birthday wishes in advance are intact for you….infact I wish and Pray you get all of ’em things you want and much more…lol…wished so badly for a tab, a phone and yes a BB, won’t ever get an android phone again come what may! had several day dreams “bout visiting the spa and travelling to all the places I wish, reading all my favourite books on white sand beaches.
    Didn’t even get a cake on my birthday, but got something much more than I wish for….God’s assurance of better things beyond my imaginations, plus material and non-material, He reminded me He’s gat my back whenever! and sure He does for you too!

    1. Lool…thank you so much! As long as we have God all our material needs will be sorted 🙂

      When is your birthday? We need to do something about you not getting a cake. It’s an essential element of birthdays.

      1. looooool….awww…my birthday was on the 12th of November, past already, but thanks for considering that part though…counting down with you already…no doubt it’ll be a super new year for you!

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