25on25Series: Books that have shaped my life so far


It was quite difficult for me to come up with this list. As you can imagine, I have read hundreds of books and each book has impacted my life differently. However, there are some books that I would say have made the most impact in my life because I am still live by the principles from some of them while for the others, they brought healing in the painful times of my life.

So here are the books that have shaped my life so far:

7 Habits of Highly Effective People – This is the book that has had the most impact in my life so far. I can never forget how reading this book changed the course of my life. It helped me to become a better person and it taught me how to have a more positive outlook on life and be more tolerant towards people.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Series – I have read countless of Chicken Soup books. I started off with reading the Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul series and the stories touched my heart. I could relate with them. It was like they were writing my story. The book brought hope and laughter to my world.

Chicken soup

Enid Blyton Books – I really have to thank Enid Blyton for setting me on the path to being a writer. As a child, 80% of the stories books I had were by Enid Blyton and I had quite a number of story books. The Enid Blyton books I had were a source of escape for me; an escape to the creative world where my imagination was free to run wild.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus – This is one of the few relationships books that made sense to me. I generally don’t like books on relationships because they are often too cliché for my liking. Men are from Mars was different. There was a chapter that had an exercise about writing to yourself. That exercise was very therapeutic. I remember writing that letter to myself in 2004 and feeling a heavy burden being lifted. That letter is still within the pages of my old journal. It was at this point that I started to write frequent notes to myself (I should continue that. I haven’t written a note to myself in a while).

The Lady, Her Lover and Her Lord – Every single lady needs to get this book and read it thoroughly. TD Jakes, one of my favourite preachers, really takes his time to explain how a lady can balance the different roles she is expected to play with God as the centre. The book helped me to realise that my roles as an individual, wife, mother and daughter of God are not in isolation but they are intertwined.

Td jakes book

Attitude 101 and other John Maxwell Books – I love John Maxwell. The man is too on point. The first Maxwell book that I read was Attitude 101. I was about 12 at the time and the book really helped me because I was developing a bad attitude towards the things that were happening to me. The booked helped me to change course. Since then I have read a number of his books, 21 Laws of Growth being the most recent and I have always been left with food for thought and principles I can apply.

Lady in Waiting – This is another great book that every single lady should have. It tells you why you should not take the time you have being single for granted. Single people are reminded to use their time to serve the Lord instead of lamenting on why they haven’t been on a date in a while. Really great book.

For the sake of time and space, I will limit the books to these seven. Books like The Biography of Mary Kay Ash, Who moved my cheese, The road less travelled and many more that have also had some impact in my life. I pray to read more great books and also write great books too.


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