25on25Series: I absolutely love these 10 things

Heart shaped glasses

Looking back over my life so far, there are some things I just can’t do without. Good or bad, they are things that I have come to love and increasingly, I have found that they have become a part of me. Here are the 10 things I absolutely love more than anything else in this world:

Reading – If you know me or you follow my blog, this is one of the first things you will discover about me. I love to read. I read widely and I don’t limit myself to a particular genre of writing. Ok maybe there’s one genre I don’t like reading and that is romance novels. They are just too unrealistic for me. I love Christian books, history books and old school literature – that is books by Shakespeare, The Bronte sisters and co.

Writing – This is a necessary complement to reading. I love to write. I write to express myself. Writing is very therapeutic for me; I usually write my pain and sorrows away after praying about them of course. Because I love to write, I have a thing for stationery; beautiful writing pads, jotters and pen. If you don’t know what to get me as a present, you’re safe just buying me a pretty jotter. One of these days, I pray to actually start and finish my series of books. So help me God.

Travelling – I love going to new places and experiencing new cultures. One of the things on my bucket list is to visit at least once country in every continent. However, the list of the countries I would like to visit is really long. This is why one must have a lot of money – to go on all these trips.hehe.

Ice-cream, cake and all that good stuff – I have a sweet tooth and I am not ashamed to say it. I find it very difficult to turn down an offer of cake and ice-cream. They are my guilty pleasure. These days I have started to control my love for sweet things. A minute on the lips and a lifetime on the hips is not the way forward. Trying to get on that #TeamFitFam. Between you and me, it’s not working out so well.lol.

Music – Ah…what would I do without music? After God, it is the love of my life and soul. Just like writing, music, especially classical music, is very therapeutic for me. Usually when I’m writing, I listen to soft music in the background. It eases the flow of words. I can’t really say why I love music so much. I just do.

Men with musical talent – This is a confession that will make sense to a few people; I seem to have a thing for guys with musical talent. I’ve looked back on the guys I’ve liked and the ones I have been attracted to and they all have one thing in common – music. Don’t know why this is the case but I generally find guys with a good understanding of music to be fascinating.

Being in my own space – What can I say; I just love to be in my own world. Life is more straight-forward there. I love my space. I hate it when people don’t allow me breathe. In an attempt to get me to be social, they invade my space unnecessarily and this only gets me more annoyed. I prefer to be indoors under my duvet, eating ice-cream and watching re-runs of my favourite series than to go out and be with a crowd of people.

Solving problems – I don’t know why but stressful situations just get me going. I love to solve problems. Challenges ignite something within me and I don’t rest until that challenge is solved. This is something that I find weird but it is what it is. I love solving problems.

Cooking – I might not be great at experimenting with food that I eat when I’m in public but I love experimenting when I’m cooking. Cooking helps to spark my creativity. I look at a meal and think of how I can cook it differently. I have 10 different methods of cooking fried rice through my catering experiments. It’s fun and it’s a great way to relax when I’m doing it alone.

God – Last but most importantly, my number one man. I love Him beyond what words can describe. He is everything to me and He has my heart. I won’t be here if not for Him so He deserves all my love and more.

So that’s it; 10 things I absolutely love. Some of you have learnt something new about me today 🙂


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