25on25Series: The many ways I’ve grown


I didn’t think I was going to be able to put up a post over the weekend considering how busy weekends usually are for me. As I looked back on the things that happened today, I knew they were one of the things I had to share on my #25on25Series.

Growth is a really interesting concept. It’s something that can only be achieved with sustained effort. It’s like wanting to eat mango and you plant some mango seeds in your garden right now. You surely won’t expect to see a huge mango tree in your garden tomorrow. It’s not just realistic but that’s how many of us approach life especially when we want something badly. We want it right now, forgetting that we need to go through a process to get it.

I’m like that too sometimes. I want to see results right now. Just a few weeks ago I was getting frustrated with how things were going with my ministry in the choir. I wasn’t able to hit the notes that I wanted to hit and I was always losing my voice. It was really annoying. I started vocal training lessons but I got even more frustrated. I wanted to start seeing the difference in my voice almost immediately. I had to learn to wait and go through the process of growth.

Today, I did a duet in church and I couldn’t believe that I was the one singing. There was power from within that I did not know I had. And the quality of my voice has improved generally. I’m still amazed at how my voice has improved. It got me thinking about the other ways I’ve grown; ways that I have ignored and not taken note of. I’ve grown in my faith. I can do things I wasn’t able to do this time last year. I can dwell in God’s presence for a long time without constantly looking at the time. I can speak God’s word and make it work for me.

I’ve also grown in my writing. The words come easier to me now. I overcome writer’s block better. When I transcribe, I’ve noticed that I’m much faster than before. In the issues of life, I have matured. Things that used to move me don’t move me anymore. This is a direct result of growth in my walk with God. I’m growing into a great well-balanced young woman if I can say so myself.

I want you to take a minute to reflect as we go into this new week. In what ways have your grown? Thank God for the growth you’ve been able to achieve. Also note the areas that you haven’t made much progress in and thank God for them too. Ask God to help you grow in those areas. Be patient. As long as you are taking a step, you will make progress.


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