Why you should filter that opinion before you click ‘send’

Everybody wants to have an opinion. Well not everybody but a lot of people. They want to have an opinion on issues that concern them and those that don’t concern them. It’s not a problem to have an opinion. However when you have an opinion on every issue and your opinion is devoid of logic then there is a problem.

Life is interesting. The beauty of it comes through observation; sitting back and letting your mind process the various information that comes your way. When your mind can process information properly, you will develop well-founded opinions. I have come to discover that for a lot of people, especially young Nigerians, this is something that is actually difficult to do. They are ready to give you their opinion whether you ask for it or not. Let’s forget the fact that their opinion doesn’t even make sense. Illogical does not exist in their vocabulary of life. These people just need one thing – a filter.

Social media has become the incubator of unseasoned and un-filtered opinions. People want to jump on the bandwagon of trending issues and give their two cents on the matter. Retweets and likes are the goal of the game. The more retweets they get, they more they believe (falsely I might add) in the intelligence of their opinion. From politics and fashion to Nigerian history, you can count on them to have something to say. Don’t pay attention to the fact that they were born a little less than two decades ago. All that is needed is to put together a string of incomplete and sometimes inaccurate information and you can come up with your own opinion and place a seal of originality on it.

The older you become, the more you realise that empty barrels do indeed make the most noise. That noise in our society today comes in the form of unwanted opinions. I have a one simple question to ask? Is it difficult for you to research information properly before you give your opinion? Ok sorry I lied. I have more than one question to ask. Can you read something, form an opinion in your mind but not tweet it or post it on social media, especially when you are completely clueless about that area of life? Not everybody can be a political commentator. Likewise, not everybody can be a judge of how businesses should or should not run. That’s why there is something called expertise. When people want to get seasoned opinion on a certain matter, they go to the experts. Instead of coming across as a someone who is shallow-minded on Twitter, why don’t you get informed properly and develop your expertise? It may be cool to have an opinion that everyone agrees with but only a bozo has an opinion about every matter.

Having a filter is key here.

There are some opinions that need to be filtered. It’s not every opinion that comes to your mind that you should unleash on social media. Even if you don’t like the new MI album can you just move on with that opinion rather than cause unnecessary commotion on Twitter? It’s ok to read the comments of those who are more informed and let the matter die there – between you and your mind.

I’ll be so happy the day I go on social media and I am greeted with a string of logical opinion from people who are actually informed. Sadly, deep down somewhere in me, I know that day may never come.

Photo Credit Jlynnmartin.com


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