Book Review – Why you should get a copy of Victor Adeyemi’s Holy Communion book

Last week, I had the privilege of reviewing a book by our Senior Pastor, Reverend Victor Adeyemi, for our church bulletin. I’m in charge of getting content for the bulletin and for some months now I’ve been trying new things to spice up the content. One day while I was reading announcements during service, a thought came to my head, ‘why don’t you review one of Revd Victor’s books to encourage church members to buy a copy?’

Fortunately, I had one of his books which the church gave me as a gift when I finished NYSC. I went ahead to write a review on it. The title of the book is ‘Meanings and Miracles of the Holy Communion’. It’s a very interesting book. It’s a bit heavy to take in as you start reading the first few chapters of the book but it gets simpler as you move on. Although it’s a small book you have to take your time to read it to get the message in it.

It’s a great book to have. I encourage you to get a copy. You’ll appreciate the essence of taking communion better. You can visit for more information about where you can purchase the book.

Here’s the review that I wrote:

For many believers, taking Holy Communion weekly or monthly is just one of those things that they do in Church. Many have failed to realise the significance of that important activity. In ‘Meanings and Miracles of the Holy Communion’, Reverend Victor Adeyemi seeks to correct that. There is more to the Holy Communion than taking bread and wine alone.

Do you know that every time you partake of the Holy Communion, you are identifying yourself with Christ? Revd Victor explains how taking the Holy Communion unites us with Jesus. It shows that we are one with Him. This is why it is an activity that should not be taken lightly. Not only does the Holy Communion unite us with Christ, it is also a means through which we enter into spiritual covenant with God. Every time you take that bread and wine, you are partaking of covenant. A covenant is a spiritual contract that is binding on both parties. Just as we expect God to heal us or perform a miracle when we take communion, we should bear in mind that we also have obligations to fulfill towards God. As we expect to enjoy God’s blessings through this covenant, we should also get ready to carry out our obligations, for example to evangelize and share the Gospel with others.

When you partake of the communion, you are also demonstrating an act of faith. Revd Victor describes this as a demonstration of faith in the atoning work of Christ. When you drink the wine, what you are doing essentially is showing that you believe in the sacrifice that Jesus made for you. You are showing that you believe that His blood was shed for the remission of your sins. The communion will have no effect if you don’t believe in the atoning work of Christ. That is the essence of why we take it; to remember what Christ did for us on the cross.

To get the full understanding of the meaning of the Holy Communion, you simply have to get this insightful book. Revd Victor breaks down each meaning and backs it up with ample Scriptural references. He helps us to better understand why we take the Holy Communion and what it does for us. The Communion brings deliverance. As God’s child, the power of darkness no longer has a right to dominate your life. You can also get healing by drinking the wine and eating the bread. Every time you take the bread, you take it as a symbol of the body of Jesus that was broken for you. His body was broken so that yours will be whole.

“Meanings and Miracles of the Holy Communion” is a must read for every believer. It will alter the way you see the Holy Communion and cause you to take it with a better understanding of what those elements mean.


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