Overcoming roadblocks in your walk with God

I’ve been studying the book of John and I must confess it feels like I’ve never read it before. Some of the statements Jesus made in that book are just so profound. The more I read God’s word, the more I fall in love with Him all over again.

I’ll admit; it hasn’t always been this way. When I decided to take my walk with God seriously in 2008, it was a long and painful journey. I was a baby Christian and I didn’t understand how God worked. I struggled to pray and study the Bible. My biggest achievement back then was five minutes of prayer and then I would check out. I used to be in awe when people would tell me that they pray for one hour non-stop. I decided to try it out one day. After playing a medley of worship songs for 20 minutes, I prayed for a few more minutes and before I knew it, I was in dream land. What about fasting? That was also a challenge. I loved food too much to give it up. I could only last three hours and then I would break my fast.

Today, the story is different. My walk with God is sweeter. I have a better understanding of who God is. When I’m serious about it, I can pray for more than one hour and I will not feel it. I can also study my Bible to the point of receiving revelation from the words. I have grown from a child who only takes milk to an adult who eats the meat of the word. How did I get here?

Discipline. Consistency. Prayer. A heart that longs for God.

Those are just a few of the things that have helped me to grow in my walk with God. When you first give your life to Christ, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. If you’re in a church where the Pastor does not break down the word of God, you will be even more confused. When I committed to going to church regularly I used to watch my friends as they recited Bible verses like they were born with it. While they were reciting the verse, I was busy trying to locate 1 Corinthians in the Old Testament. I never owned a full Bible before then. All I knew about the Bible was that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were in the New Testament (thanks to that little blue Gideon’s Bible). I had to check the index every time the Pastor said open to the book of Daniel or Nahum. Aside from John 3:16, I could not quote any Scripture.

Your walk with God will be fruitless if you don’t know what the word says. So I had to challenge myself. I decided to read the whole Bible and committed to reading four chapters every day. Although I was not consistent with it, I eventually finished reading the whole Bible several months later. What a big difference this made. I was now able to locate the books in the Bible without looking through the index (Hallelujah!) I also discovered some portions of the Bible that lit up something within me; portions like Psalms, Romans etc. I started committing Bible verses to heart. Finally, I could quote other verses apart from John 3:16. I bought some other materials to help me understand the Bible better. For example, I bought a full concordance, a parallel Bible (it had four translations), some Bible reference and quiz books. Now that I was conversant with the Bible, I felt it was time to change my Bible so I bought a Bible that was tailored towards teenagers/ students. That Bible was amazing. The commentaries it contained simplified difficult portions of the Bible. I still have more development to do when it comes to studying and praying, but I thank God that I have made progress.

If you are wondering how to commit the word of God into your heart you can try some of the things I did. Like I mentioned earlier, once you have a desire to know God better and you can discipline yourself, you will grow. It’s that simple. The difficult part is putting in the time and work required. For example, these days I have to wake up by 5am just to make sure I pray, study and meditate on the word before I go about my daily activities. Some days I wake up when my alarm rings. Other days, I struggle a lot. That’s when I would have snoozed my alarm at least five time only to wake up and discover that it is 7am. I would have to rush through my prayer at that time.

So be committed. Be disciplined. And pray. Ask God to give you the strength needed to commit to the process. You can grow in your walk with God.

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