Women have moved on from the kitchen

It’s the first Monday in this beautiful month of November. In just a few weeks, we will say goodbye to 2014. Really, where is time flying to?

Looking at the fact the we have barely eight weeks until the end of the year, I was getting a bit agitated. I still have so much to do on my ‘2014 goals’ list. When I begin to panic like that, God always sends a word that restores my peace back. At the end of the day, He has every thing under control.

I was catching up on Scandal over the weekend and something one of the characters said really stuck me and I mused on it for a while. The character was the wife of a former president (Cooper) who had just died. In response to Mellie’s (current First Lady) encouragement regarding how much she was able to achieve as the First Lady during her time, Betsy Cooper said with an air of sarcasm, “I will be the wife of a man who made something out of his life”. Betsy had helped her husband to make some crucial decisions that she couldn’t take the credit for. She lived in her husband’s shadow throughout his tenure in the White House.

That statement made me remember an argument that I had with a group of people. They were of the opinion that a woman should only aspire to get married and have children. They considered it to be the primary and only goal of every woman. Some of the people that supported this line of thinking were even women. I was quite shocked. My primary goal in life is to fulfill purpose. I want to accomplish the mission God has sent me to earth for. That is what I believe the goal of every individual should be and this includes women.

We need to realise that before we are given the title of ‘wife’ or ‘mother’, we are individuals first. Your sole goal in life cannot just be to get married and have children. What a tragedy it will be for a woman to reach the end of her life and all that can be said about her is that she was the wife of a man who made something out of his life. That’s unacceptable. Women are allowed to have goals and dreams outside of their responsibilities as wives and mothers. The two are not mutually exclusive. I know women who are making impact in Nigeria and they also manage their homes excellently. I also know housewives who are women of influence in their various communities.

It’s all about impact. You need to make impact outside of yourself and your family. I don’t know why I’ve been dwelling on making impact lately but I just feel more than ever that it is something everyone should bear in mind. There’s more to being a woman than just getting married and having children. We have our unique set of skills and capabilities that the world needs right now. A woman’s place is no longer in the kitchen. Her place is in the society. That’s where purpose is fulfilled and not in the bedroom.

The year is gradually coming to an end but it’s not too late to do something great. It’s not too late to reach out to someone and impact their life positively. Whether you are a man or woman, you need to let 2014 count.

I pray November will be an amazing month for you.


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