Touching lives one soul at a time

Making impact

It is always a privilege to pass on the little knowledge that you have to others who will benefit from it. That’s what I did yesterday. The Kola Daisi Foundation Youth Empowerment Centre invited me to give a speech at their career seminar which was targeted at teenagers. “That should be easy”, I told myself when I got the call last week.

I prepared my powerpoint slides on Tuesday with ease and went through the additional points I was going to make during my speech. Despite the fact that I woke up with a bad sore throat the next morning, I was determined to give my best at the career seminar. I headed to the venue of the event with all enthusiasm. My heart literally skipped a beat as I entered into the hall. The number of chairs I saw arranged there took me by surprise. “They cannot possibly be expecting this many students”, I thought to myself. I really don’t like talking in front of a big crowd. I had thought that I would be speaking to a small group of 20 students (really I did) and that’s what I prepared for. I never imagined that I would be speaking to over 200 students! I was not mentally prepared for that.

After the program officer of the foundation confirmed my fears, I had to find a way to make it work. I put on my game face and smiled as I was called to the podium. The speech went really well. The students paid attention and they were responsive. There’s nothing worse than talking to a group of people who are not interested in what you have to say (Ok I’m exaggerating). After my speech, some students came to me to ask questions on how they can start a career in the media industry right now. Answering their questions and giving them tips just made me really happy. I was quite pleased with myself.
When you have put in all the effort and hard work, what puts a smile on your face at the end of the day is knowing that you have been able to touch lives. Your impact may not be talked about in the news but the people you’ve impacted won’t be the same again. You would have made their lives better. I felt really great being amongst those teenagers on Wednesday. The sense of fulfillment I got was overwhelming. Even though my voice had gone completely as I was going to bed, I slept with a smile.

I’ve been invited to facilitate an African industry seminar in November. The aim of the seminar is to equip entrepreneurs with the information they need to successfully run their businesses and connect them with potential investors. It’s going to be great. Aside from the fact that I’m getting popular in Ibadan (in my mind), I’m grateful to have been considered to facilitate such a seminar. Little drop after the other, my efforts are slowly beginning to pay off. I have every reason to be happy.

Many thanks to the amazing team at the Kola Daisi Foundation. Thank you for the opportunity!


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