Hug yourself right now; you need it

Have you ever worked on something and you were proud of what you created or designed? Have you ever looked at the work of your hands and said to yourself, “Wow, I’m good”?

This happened to me recently after I wrote a blog post for one of my clients. The idea for the post came to me as I was walking to my office; the words, the flow, everything. In this world of writing where inspiration is usually hard to find, I felt like I had struck gold. I was very tempted to stop and take out my notepad to scribble the words that were forming in my mind. However, in order not to look like a crazy woman on the streets of Ibadan, I had to keep on walking while praying hard to God that the words don’t disappear before I arrived at my office.

It was with great excitement that I took out my laptop and began typing those beautiful words. Then someone came in, interrupted my train of thoughts and the flow disappeared. I could have cried. But I focused hard. I was determined for this blog post to be a masterpiece. Luckily, the words came back and soon enough I finished the post. As I read through what I had written, I couldn’t help but tell myself “well done”. What a masterpiece it truly was. It gave me the motivation to write even better blog posts for my clients.

A lot of times we shy away from appreciating ourselves or the work we have done. No it’s not pride. It’s just plain self-appreciation. If you’ve done something that you know is excellent, give yourself a pat on the back and treat yourself. Yes you read correctly. You are allowed to appreciate yourself. No one is saying you should become self-obsessed but when you’ve done something that is good, acknowledge it.

I have come across people who belittle themselves even when they do great things. Why would anyone want to do that to themselves? On the other side are those people who wait for others to validate them first before they appreciate themselves. What if they don’t validate you then what next? Does it mean that you are not worth anything or what you have created is of no value? I beg to disagree.

I doubt my clients will be as excited as I am about my blog post. They don’t know the intricate details of how the idea for the post came. They don’t understand that compared to my other posts, this particular post has a really smooth flow. Those are the things that I notice as I strive to make my work better. I appreciate these little things about my work. I appreciate the growth that has occurred in my writing. I also appreciate the fact that I am much better than I was when I first started out to be a writer. No one has to tell me that I have improved. I know it already.

So appreciate yourself. Feel free to love your work and shine. Have you recently written an exam and you came out with the best results? Rejoice. Is that popular commercial that is running on TV the fruits of your creativity? Smile and enjoy what you created. Don’t let it get to your head however. Use it instead as a platform to do even greater things. Right now, I’m looking forward to writing that blog post that will outshine my last one. The best is always ahead.

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