Why coincidence does not exist

God’s faithfulness always amazes me. Really it does. So many times when I think I have reached the end of the road, God shows up and turns everything around in a way that I was least expecting. He makes a way every time. That’s why I have come to trust and depend on Him.

I will be lying if I say it is very easy to completely trust God. How can you trust that God will provide when you have N400 in your account and your house rent is due the next day? When I found myself in that kind of situation before, I would begin to worry. My mind would start racing. “Where would the money come from”, “Will the landlord chase me out”, “Oh my God! I am going to be homeless”…those are some of the questions that would run through my mind with the speed of lightening. But then something miraculous always happens. It’s either the landlord grants an extension to pay the rent that is due or the money just comes either through someone or a job that just suddenly comes my way.

I know people that are cynical about the existence of God will say that it was just coincidence but I don’t believe in coincidences. I am a child of God and He orders my steps. He orchestrates the affairs of my life so that everything works together for my good. Everything that happens to me is according to God’s divine plan and purpose for my life. What is coincidence? It’s just a lazy way out for people who choose not to believe and acknowledge the power of God.

God has great plans for our lives. I have made this point several times in different posts on this blog but I have to repeat it again for emphasis. God is sovereign and if you submit your life to Him, He will turn your life around. He is the Master Potter. He will take those broken pieces in your life and mould them into something beautiful. His thoughts for you are thoughts of good. He has the best in mind for you. Submitting to coincidence can never be good enough. I don’t believe you can fulfill purpose if you keep attributing everything that happens in your life to coincidence. A man or lady with a purpose knows that things happen to them as ordained by God. They just don’t happen out of the blue. This may not make sense to people who have not accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour. When you do, you will understand.

I want to urge you to live a purposeful life. Don’t leave your life to chance and coincidence. You were sent to earth for a purpose that is greater than that.

Make impact. Reach great heights. Touch lives. Somebody somewhere in this big world needs you.

Photo Credit – SpirituallyFabulous.com


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